10 the patron saint of the skin

With dry weather certainly girlfriend always wants to protect their skin, such as using lotion, fruit mask. But you seem to have forgotten that there are 10 types of “wonderful remedy” can protect your thin skin.

1. Carrot skin cancer prevention
10 the patron saint of the skin-carrot
Carrots are the best foods to protect the skin before sun and dangerous diseases: skin cancer. That’s because carrots contain a type of antioxidants called carotenoids in the body when a B-carotene. While exposed to UV rays in sunlight, the amount of B-carotene in the blood decreases, this is cause for skin cancer risk.

These studies have shown that : If you eat 300 mg B-carotene (equivalent to 4 carrots) / per day for 2 weeks before and during the summer vacation, you can rest assured that sunlight can not damage to your skin. Special combination of carotenoid in carrots and sunscreens may increase the efficiency of both in protecting your skin.

2. Fish reduces inflammation of the skin

Fish contain compounds that are very valuable for your skin especially Omega-3. Omega-3 can prevent harm to destroy collagen in the skin of the radioactive material. Omega-3 is also a substance can penetrate the skin pimples to reduce inflammation, heal the skin. Omega-3 fish oil best in the mackerel, sardines, salmon. You need to eat fish at least 3 times each week to ensure the best sources of Omega-3 for the skin.

3. Dark green vegetables make rejuvenation
the skin

You can erase the traces of aging on the skin with a diet with more vegetables with dark green leaves. Vegetables such as cabbage, white radish, green salad vegetables contain many antioxidants can restore and rejuvenate the skin.

These vegetables are also rich in iron and vitamin C, helps to ensure oxygen is vital to each cell to the skin, helping skin is always full of life. Iron deficiency may appear dark circles around the eyes, green vegetables helps to overcome this. Vitamin C in
dark green leaves also help collagen membrane of skin cells are not destroyed, increasing the elasticity of youthful skin. To be able to absorb the chemicals in the best vegetables you use regular salad with a little olive oil or soy blend together. And remember that cooking vegetables can lose more than nine of the vitamin in vegetables.

4. Citrus fruit help skin elasticity

The fruits of this family include: orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerines … contains two very important qualities for the skin as Vitamin C and limonene. Vitamin C helps increase activity in the skin layer callogen. The addition of vitamin C through the fruit skin is always youthful, resilient and effective work in preventing the damage from sunlight.

Limonene is a special antioxidants found in skin of the fruit is particularly enhances resilience of skin. So, please enjoy eating combined with citrus peel of this fruit.

5. Soybeans remove dry skin and wrinkles of age

10 the patron saint of the skin-Soybeans
Soybeans and products from the food it is most recommended for postmenopausal women. Apart from the stunning effects of health, soy is the patron saint with skin aging before the law to get old. Phytoestogen substances in soy or other products such as tofu,  the beans water  are considered to have effects similar to estrogen.

At menopause, the female body especially the lack of this hormone leads to dry skin, wrinkles appear more. Soy helps protect your skin from these effects. In addition, soy is rich in vitamin E enhances skin vitality. Let’s start by adding your dietary soy products three times a week, you will see the magic effects.

6. Grain help to remove toxins in the skin

Skin reflects very clearly the state of health of the body, including many types of toxins in your body. Toxins in your body will not make your skin healthy. Scientists have proven that starchy grains like a refined system of toxins from the body as well as your skin. This really helps your skin healthy and clean.

Calcium also plays an important role in removing toxins. So if you combine starchy breakfast with a glass of milk or soy milk calcium will further accelerate the detoxification effects. Isovitexin is an antioxidant found in rice is an important component of skin creams and effective antidote against time.

7. Potatoes against the destruction of collagen and early wrinkles
10 the patron saint of the skin-potatoes
If soy help to limit wrinkles due to age, then the potatoes again hold an important role in removing the wrinkles soon (not by age but by other effects) on the skin. These studies have shown, potatoes contain lycopene rich help fight the destruction of collagen in the skin membrane. Addition, lycopene is also deep in the skin tissue to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Potatoes are considered a therapy and the most amazing skin. Red potatoes as the higher amount of lycopene. In addition, boiled potatoes may increase the amount of this substance. Therefore, one of the recipes for skin masks were most popular with women as boiling potatoes, peeled, crushed and mixed with fresh milk for the skin smooth, refreshed.

8. Strawberry
reproduce collagen for skin

There are many foods callogen prevent the destruction of the skin, collagen is also reconstructed membranes strawberries as a top choice. In strawberry antioxidants called anthocyanins have the ability to regenerate collagen damaged by the harmful effects of chemicals on the skin and ultraviolet rays. This antioxidant combination with vitamin C rich in oils is a method of collagen and skin wonderful. Beauty experts recommend eating strawberries all year round, but if not available then chilled strawberry or strawberry juice is also an effective solution.

9. Vegetable oil and seed oil reduced dry skin

For dry skin, the seed oil and vegetable oil is a patron saint. Vegetable oils, especially olive oil, oil from nuts or avocado oil for dry skin will become more balanced and healthier than ever.

Fatty acids in these oils are essential for dry skin, because they can reduce the tiny hole on the skin, water retention and provides the necessary lubricant for dry skin. Vitamin E is found in all type of the oil ensures for dry skin is always smooth and moist. So those with dry skin, eat a salad with vegetable oil to give skin a really healthy and balanced.

10. Fisheries prevent skin rashes, irritation and dry flaking scales

Zinc found in oysters and other aquatic molluscs can reduce pimples phenomenon. It also have a role in the destruction of old collagen, regenerate new collagen membrane and bright skin. One of the manifestations of zinc deficiency is most marked skin dries, becomes burning flakes peeling phenomenon. But with only 12mg of zinc in 19 grams
oysters per day can completely overcome the expression.


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