10 Things to Know When Using Natural Face Masks


Mask is a simple way, less expensive but very effective to bring looks smooth, youthful skin for long. The following notes to help bring the best results for you when use natural face masks.

skin mask

1. First of all need to determine your skin type belong to choose appropriate mask. Many of you just “guess” your skin type on emotions should lead to mistakes in choosing skin care or cosmetics.

2. Do not need and should not mask the natural daily. Why? Because of the mask may contain bleach and acid compounds. If used too often prone skin of her thin, dry or rough skin, acne and sensitive easier. Use only 2-3 times / week is just or 1-2 times / week is enough. It is important to persevere.

Be extremely careful with advice mask every day for a long time then, most of you have asked, because it can cause the skin to the sun so terrible that (although can find fast performance). The real beauty is long lasting beauty

3. If you use a certain type of mask that irritation, switch to a different type of mask. This is normal, and you should not blame yourself why my skin is too “crazy”  or one who is pretty so that only bad. It should always optimistic. I have tried many types of masks before finding some kind is best for you.

4. Wash hand thoroughly before covering (to remove the dirt, making the skin more receptive to nutrients from the mask) and after covering (to clean the acid, residue from the mask). Apply finish to apply more toner (rose water toner) for skin tightening and shrink pores.

5. Need to mask 15-30 minutes to the nutrients absorbed into the skin, too fast or too long are not good (too long may lose the protective layer of skin).

6. After the preparation is complete without a mask should be used immediately in the refrigerator for storage. To mask out easily oxidized and bacteria. With the majority of natural mask, if not used all her might to the fridge for next time (within 5-7 days). But even always up for much better results.

7. It should maintain the natural mask and regular long-term (1-2 times/ week). Then many people will compliment you younger age! If you wait until the skin signs of going down then it will be difficult to care more beautiful when regular care.

8. Avoid skin contact with the sun right after the mask. Meanwhile temporary skin becomes thinner, very easy to catch the sun.

9. Time natural mask is best evening before going to bed, to skin and body relax, nutrients more easily absorbed into the skin.

10. It should moisturize the skin (if possible) after completion of the mask, especially with your dry skin.

Hope you find the best solution for your skin.


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