10 tips to remove freckles


You will not be satisfied every time you see brown spots increasingly “visited” your skin more. The following strategies will help the hated freckles “voluntarily” to retreat.

1. Fermented fresh milk or yogurt

10 tips to remove frecklesUse of fermented fresh milk or yogurt to be very effective cleanser. Because the milk may contain high levels of lactic acid fermentation, not only obscure spots freckles but also bright white skin, smooth.

2. Lemon

The lemon juice contains many naturally bleach the skin. Use diluted lemon juice to wash your face regularly as a means of simple home treatment can help to gradually improve skin freckles.

Also, another benefit of lemon juice is pretty much contains vitamin C, they increase the natural protective skin against UV rays. However, you should avoid exposure to sunlight after applying lemon juice or washing, as this will cause skin to tan the sun more.

In addition, lemon juice tend to be fairly acidic, so remember to apply a moisturizer applied immediately after the last wash or just apply bleach spots freckles, to help reduce dry skin, good absorption .

3. Radish

Radish is also considered an effective remedy for freckles spots even though they have smell not very glamorous.

Long, radish have been used to treat skin problems such as blurring the brown spots and freckles. You can use them by mixing a teaspoon of radish grind with 1 teaspoon of sugar after apply the face freckles.

To this mixture on skin for 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water. You can treat freckle spots on the method 3 times / week.

4. Turmeric

In addition to being an effective dose for the health, turmeric is also known to use skin care and lightening.

You can take care of skin freckles using a mask made of turmeric. Just a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a spoonful of yogurt mixed together into very thick mixture and rub them on face will help to remove freckles gradually and give you a radiant healthy beautiful skin.

5. Drink tomato juice

10 tips to remove frecklesDrink tomato juice or eat tomatoes every day life will help prevent freckles. This is due to substances present in tomato effect against the activity of the components tyrozin, the disappearance or reduction of die pigment in the skin .

6. Apply the papaya

Get crushed green papaya, water applied to the face 2-3 times / day. After two hours rinse with cold water. The method will help you improve the freckles.

7. Honey

Always considered a great beauty remedies benefit many skin problems. In addition to natural humectant, honey also contains antioxidants to protect your skin is always soft and healthy.

You can apply natural honey on the notes will help blur freckles freckles effective, especially if you use this method regularly.

8. Water rice + Aloe vera

The combination of rice washing water and Aloe vera  is a mixed experience from folk, they are very good for freckles and pigmentation of the skin.

You can prepare and do the following: Take one part fresh aloe, a part of the rice washing (after rice washing and the water settle down  stand about 15 minutes then take the water subsides, remove the clear water).

Then, extract the aloe leaf oil (by peeling)  by first rice washing water, then mix two types. You should use this approach before going to bed, wash your face and then rub this mixture on face. Morning clean up.

9. Fresh carrots smash, extraction of the juice

The evening before bed, wash the skin with freckles, take carrot juice are applied, allowing to dry, then use a tissue soaked in vegetable oil gently rubbing. Morning clean up with warm water.

10. Treatment with chemicals

The freckle treatment with chemicals such as topical solution of trichloracetic acid, tretinoin … can only do light pigment, but can not prevent the appearance of new spots freckles. Method electrocautery, laser or using nitrogen cold liquid  gas can remove freckles spots, but do be very careful not to leave deep scars on the skin or reducing pigmentation scars, reduce aesthetic. Therefore, the use of natural herbs to treat freckles still is the most popular method.


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  2. As someone who has had freckles her hole life this article has unsettled me some what. I have always been proud of my freckles and I feel that they are quite attractive, however I feel that this post stigmatises them to a degree and although many people may not feel confidently about their freckles it feels unfair to paint them as something to rid your self of after all there is nothing unhealthy about a deposit of melanin as long as people take care of their skin, instead of trying to demonise the freckle maybe we should embrace it in all its speckled beauty :)


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