10 Beauty Tips from lemon


Perfect beauty is always a desire and aspire for woman. To do this is simple, with lemon familiar with some materials available in nature can take care of you perfectly for yourself.

1. Skin rejuvenation

Entering 40 year old, skin started  appearing  wrinkles and many bird leg wound. Do not worry, how simple the following will help you remove the anxiety, sorrow, and always preserve the youth.

Cut the lemon slices and placed in a wooden bowl (if skin is oily, then use 4 slices of lemon. Also skin dry skin should use a lemon slice). Followed for a half teaspoon of milk cream and spoon half into bowl. Then give them to a pan and heat. North from cold kitchen to within 3 hours. Hand point solution and apply to face, and massaged to within 20 minutes, wait until the mixture is then dried to add a few drops of olive. Finally clean surface.

2. Help is always bright skin

To the skin without bright or dull gray color, please follow the hard way below.

Use 3 to 4 lemon squeezed from the container in a wooden bowl. Add a few drops of warm water into the bowl. Next use a cotton wood, waterproofing solution to surface and to about 30 minutes, then wash.

Several times a day should be effective to achieve quickly.

3. Sleek hair

Sleek hair is always a dream of his girlfriend. To do this without difficulty, very simple. After every shampoo with oil, lemon juice extractor you use to wash one’s hair again. After that last time to rinse water.

4. Treat oil skin and black spot

If you are the type of skin oils means you will have the risk of acne (because the mucus is a favorable environment for acne development).

Use lemon juice extractor, absorbed into a cotton and absorbent gon directly to areas of skin or acne attack. Addition, lemon also likely help shrink pores.

5. “Milk cleanser” from lemon

In a lemon contains enzymes capable of cleaning dead skin and skin bleaching. Therefore, you are not necessarily used to regular milk cleanser, but instead use lemon to “create” milk cleanser.
Get a little alum, with the drop in the squeezed lemon half. Wait until alum  dissolve, use cotton wood to absorbent solution to the skin surface. About 20 minutes then wash again with warm water.

With this method,it will help the pores are more airy, no accumulation of dust or mucus, the agent causing acne.

6. Create smooth skin

A banana mashed, mixed with 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Then covering up the face and neck skin, the skin will always be smooth.

Very confusing if freckles “knocked on the door” you. Want to prevent its development, to avoid spreading on the skin, you get an egg white, with half a teaspoon lemon juice and almonds pounded to a pulp, to apply to the skin with freckles. Each week you should do several times, effectively faster.

8. To cope with alopecia

Hair loss is more a manifestation of hair weak, if extended to this situation you will easily be at risk of bald.

To overcome the above, it is best to quickly find vitality to the hair. By mixing 1 teaspoon lemon juice mixed with 4 spoons of coconut oil. Then apply to hair, about 20 minutes to clean hair again.

9. “Good bye”dandruff

Actually no-one desire, loath  “snowflake”  must fall on the shoulder or shirt collar. Want to eliminate dandruff is not difficult as you think, just use lemon juice mixed with chicken egg white, apply to hair, but please remember to dab from leg hair to hair tops. About 1 hour then shampoo with clean water.

In addition to the great utility mentioned above, you can use lemon to ” create” milk can support.

Using lemon juice mixed with tomato juice, remember with equal rates, use cloth towels absorbed throughout the body. Then shower with warm water.




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