11 Skincare tips for women in their 30s


If you feel a sense of lack of direction when choosing and buying your beauty and skincare products, never ever think you’re the only one.  Navigating in a US$ 465 billion beauty and personal care industry, as per estimates made by Euromonitor International, can be mind-blowing, not to mention overwhelming.

Which ones do you really need?  That’s the right question you should be asking but, never leave the fate of your skin to the mercy of merciless product marketing and promotions by getting to know your skin better.

beauty_skin2What happens to skin in your 30s?

Whereas your skin remained supple and unwrinkled in your 20s, the damage was happening deep within only to surface later in life.  In your 30s, these invisible damages are aggravated by the general slowdown in every skin repair and regeneration processes — decreased collagen production levels, lower levels of antioxidants, slower skin cell turnover, and even lesser ability of the skin to absorb moisture and keep skin hydrated.

Should you blame yourself for not caring enough for your skin?

Signs of skin aging happen due to several factors.  Among which are two determinants which you can hardly influence: genetics and senescence, or the body’s natural aging process.  As for other factors causing signs of skin aging, you can blame yourself.  These factors include decades of unprotected sun protection, habitual smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, sleepless nights, chronic and poorly managed stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and  incorrect skincare regimen.  Guilty? 

11 ways to show TLC (Tender Loving Care) for 30-something skin 

While there is no way you can completely turn back the clock and literally make right every wrong you’ve caused your skin, there are ways by which you can stop aging right now.  If you’re lucky, you may even reverse some of the signs of skin aging that have begun to manifest.

Here are 11 ways you can try:

  1. Get sufficient sleep and rest. It’s time to grow up and spend more quiet nights. Other than giving yourself a nice, good night’s beauty rest, it also gives you the perfect excuse not to smoke, in case you do, and skip the alcohol.  Invite a deep, restful sleep by reading a good book and taking a warm soak in your tub.  If you prefer, open up a bottle of red wine and take just a short shot and still be on an anti-aging regimen while you do.
  1. Avoid harsh chemicals in your products. Your products must support your skin to stay young, not inflame and age it.
  1. Cleanse. Use a gentle cleanser to rid your skin of excess oils and impurities but not unnecessarily strip off your skin of moisture.
  1. Tone. Make sure to use only alcohol-free.
  1. Exfoliate. Perform twice or thrice weekly of exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and stimulate skin cell turnover.
  1. Always use sunscreen. Never leave your home without it. Make sure to use a chemical-free sunscreen.
  1. Load up on antioxidants. It’s your skin’s best defense against damage. Apply topical antioxidants and incorporate antioxidant-rich foods in your diet too.
  1. Add in a regenerative step to your routine. During the day, use a day time serum. These are lightweight enough not to cause your skin to become greasy but also boosts your skin’s nutrient levels, ideally including antioxidants.  For your night time regimen, solicit help from an anti-wrinkle cream, ideally containing antioxidants, peptides, Vitamin A derivatives, hyaluronic acid and co-enzyme Q10.  Give skin around your eyes, neck and chest special attention too. 
  1. Load up on skin food. Healthy skin needs more than just nutritious vitamins and minerals in food. Include anti-inflammatory foods such as walnuts and tuna in your diet, as well as antioxidant-rich foods, particularly citrus fruits.
  1. Exercise regularly. Get more than just the natural blush and smooth skin your get after a workout. Facilitate the healthy distribution of moisture and nutrients to all parts of your body, including to all parts of your skin.
  1. Manage stress more effectively. Take on a hobby or sing a happy tune. Never let stress get the better side of you and the younger side of your skin. 

Conclusion: In geist, if you haven’t been caring well for your skin and — the operational word being “and” — your body, you are bound to see severe signs of skin aging sooner than you think.  It literally does mean that what you do to your body, you also do to your skin.

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