13 experience beauty you should know


Have you ever wondered  orally experience ever is right for your beauty? 13 tips below help you improve

13 experience beauty you should know

1. Pimples often rebelled after night?

False – Whether you go to bed with smooth skin like babies and woke up with a pink acne, it is not the cause after a night of sleep. Acne activity only reflects your stress in recent days.

Natural sebum normally move through the hair follicles on the skin surface, however, if there is an accumulation of dead cells or because you use cosmetics cause acne, this process will be blocked and cause inflammation . Dermatologists confirmed that most acne takes seven days to form, not overnight. Some cases of acne faster rise is due to the gradual increase in the production of oil, the result of hormonal fluctuations such as the upcoming period of women.

2. Can  squeeze acne out in the home

Wrong – We all know that squeeze acne can cause skin infections. Because nails are usually not clean, will lead to redness to the skin, making bacteria spread and cause scarring. Even if you do not know how, acne may be pushed deeper into the skin.

The doctors said that extractions can extend their life expectancy rather than finished to come out in pimples, so it is best to persevere and wait.

3. Botox helps fight wrinkles

Yes – Botox works to repair wrinkles, is flat and prevent the formation of new wrinkles. The principle of operation is temporarily paralyzes facial muscles, making the smooth surface . The botox injections before the appearance of wrinkles is preventing new wrinkles. So, if your family have a tradition with deep wrinkles, you can prevent before using Botox injections to that position.

However, botox injections to be implemented from January 4 to 6 times, in addition, you also have to bear the risk of such difficult frowning, wrinkle eye by botox .

4. Beautiful skin needs water commission

False – Because of rose water will help remove bacteria, oil and dirt left. However, if you clean your skin properly, it is not necessary. For those who have sensitive skin, use toner can also cause dry skin.

13 experience beauty you should know

5. Massage helps your skin younger

False – If exercise helps tone muscles, you can also massage your face that has the same effect. But experts said the practice of the present can sometimes cause wrinkles like the laugh.

6. Losing weight will help cure lumpy orange peel

False – The orange peel is not a matter of fat. The cause of the connective tissue by collagen and elastin fibers in the skin begins to break down, then this can be pushed into the middle layer of the skin and show through the skin surface. Thus, the weight can lose fat in some places but not completely destroy the lumpy orange peel.

7. Fries potato and chocolate make acne

False – This product is only cause acne if you plan to apply it on face, causing pores congestion. And then they used to eat that can cause tooth decay or obesity. The present study has not demonstrated a relationship between sweet and fatty foods to acne.

8. Natural exfoliation better chemical forms

Wrong – You think that something natural is better, however, the particles are not evenly massaged with jagged edges could cause scratches on the skin, leaving skin smooth gloss effect to. Meanwhile, the cosmetic This type of uniform size, helps remove old skin without causing skin abrasions.

9. Expensive cream is always good 

False – Actually a lot of expensive brands also have similar components as the popular product. Its price is due to team up with the brand, packaging, flavor or advertising costs. Therefore, carefully read the label before buying is always a necessity for intelligent women.

10. Cucumbers help reduce eye puffiness

Wrong- Cause of puffy eyes is due to salty foods or drink more alcohol. Although cucumbers may help somewhat, but not the key issue. The best way is to use chilled products help shrink swollen skin, so use a tea bag or chilled gel is marketed as the most effective.

11. So waxing and exfoliation to smooth beautiful skin

False – When exfoliation with alpha hydroxy acid products such as, beta hydroxy acids, skin becomes fresh and sensitive. So, if you want to waxing, please wait at least a week to unaffected skin. But with one skin care with retinol, the skin tends to thin, so if the waxing of the face, they must wait at least 4 weeks.

12. Products for skin allergy is safe for all skin types

False – In fact there is no standard for allergens in cosmetics. So if you have sensitive skin, the most important thing is to read the ingredients on the label such as perfume, alcohol, acid durable, lanolin and phthalates, not the words of hypoallergenic products.

13. Coket laser hair removal permanent results

Wrong- Laser can eliminate 40-80% of hair growth on the skin but not completely. Because hair grows in cycles, some may not work for the time you make a laser measures, but then it continued to rebel. So consider before putting money on this expensive service


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