3 errors to avoid when hair care

To have a beautiful hair care requires a regular. However,  note the following errors because it can cause damage to the hair:

3 errors to avoid when hair care

1. Use excessive products with active ingredients

Types of shampoo today often combines with hair care active ingredients and bring increasing efficiency. However, the excessive use of hair care products with high active ingredients may arise some problems for the hair. Therefore, it should combine hair care products with a mild shampoo especially mild. Or when you are using anti-hair loss shampoo or shampoo for oily hair should not use more hair care category .

2. Discharge hair not carefully

When discharged hair cleaner, high silicon in most types of shampoos and some hair care products will make your hair worse. In addition, these products also tend to make hair oily if left stick on hair. So, after shampoo, use a hand check to make sure hair is clean exhaust. If the hair is still something sticky or slippery, then go immediately discharged under the shower nozzle.

3. Hair dryer too hot

Hair dryer not harmful if used properly. Even beneficial to health and beauty.

Indeed, the long wet hair after shampoo will create opportunities for bacterial activity. Contrast, the hair dryer too hot will damage the hair loss, especially when hair is wet. High temperatures were often as hair and fiber fracture.


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