You’re worried about the scars on the skin and try to find ways to help fade scars? Here are some methods making blear scar that you can do at home.

Formula 1: nutmeg + milk

Nutmeg can reduce flatulence, digestive function enhance taste, improved ability to absorb nutrients and help treat diarrhea and reduce vomiting. In addition, long, nutmeg can be used to obscure the scar..

Mix 1 tablespoon nutmeg with a pinch of turmeric powder (which may or may not) and 1 tablespoon of fresh milk. Apply to the skin was scarred every day, wash after 20 minutes.

Formula 2: Green peas + sandalwood powder

Puree a little peas seeds, mix a pinch of sandalwood powder with a teaspoon of honey. Apply on scarred skin and wash off after 15 minutes.

Formula 3:  vitamin E + natural oil

Vitamin E can fade acne scars and wounds left. You can mix the solution in a capsule of vitamin E with rose oil seeds and rub mixture onto skin scarring. Some essential oils can also be combined with vitamin E as daisy essential oil (to help remove acne scars, scars wounds …), tea oil (remove acne scars), macadamia seed oil (remove many forms different scars) ..


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