3 good ways waxing at home effectively


Summer is definitely the season you just want to view all the items cool thin, lightweight aerial down the street. Dress two wires, near the armpit, shorts or short skirts … certainly items you love the most.

However, problems with hairy legs, hairy hands always be “obstacles” that you have a lack of confidence when dress. Not only the skin under the arms, but also the hands and feet if too apparent, it also decreases the perfection and refinement of the summer dress you every time.

Then how to remove clean without spending too much effort or cost to go the spa, we introduce to you 3 useful hair removal method, which is easy to do effective

1. Use Lemon and Egg

Lemon and egg mixture is helping blur the hairs and prevent sweat very well. The acidity in the lemon helps prevent the growth of hairs and bacteria to antimicrobial odor or sweat glands no longer causing more discomfort, while the egg helps the skin under the arms and intensive support more wrinkled.

Prepare:3 good ways waxing at home effectively

– 1 egg

– Fresh Lemon

– Soft towels / cotton


You just need to separate whites and yolks of eggs separately. Use egg whites mixed with fresh lemon juice. Mix up, if there is a good mixer for the mixture is then beaten over here, or you just need to hit up the chopsticks are.

Then the mixture applied directly to the skin under the arms, use a soft cloth or cotton ball apply on the affected area. Leave the mixture for about 5 minutes to dry and penetrate the skin, then peel layers of cotton in accordance with the direction of the hairs.

Performed regularly 2-3 times / week in 1-2 months you will see the effectiveness of this method.

2. Use Egg and Turmeric

As mentioned above, the eggs are always able to lighten the skin, blurring the hairs, antibacterial and prevent the smell of sweat under the arms, the technology is still a very good material for the skin care of the you. This method you will need a little fresh milk without sugar to support.

3 good ways waxing at home effectively


– 1 egg


-1 Tablespoon fresh milk without sugar


Still separate the white of the egg yolks and mix well with whites 1 teaspoon turmeric 1 tablespoon milk and sugar, then applied directly to the skin under the arms. Leave the mixture for about 5 minutes to dry out the skin and rinse.

The hairs will interpret it to be removed. Be persistent done this way for 3 months, you will be thoroughly cleaned entirely of “micro-violin” under his arm.

3. Use old Oxygen 

Do you believe that only one vial peroxide with a cotton makeup remover and some you can not cleanse one feather hands, feet yet? Do not believe try it, you will have unexpected

Characteristic of this approach is the convenience, simplicity and easily apply for fast performance thanks to high antiseptic and infections do not cause irritation like many other methods.

3 good ways waxing at home effectively


– 1 bottle peroxide.

– 1 roll of cotton makeup remover.

– 1 cup of salt water dilution.

– 1 bowl.


The first thing is you need to clean the skin with soap would like waxing or heavily diluted saltwater. Apply to the skin and salt water combined with gentle massage helps get dilated pores and sebaceous dirt still beneath the hair follicles, as well as support the more effective hair removal. Then wipe with a dry cloth.

Next, you put hydrogen peroxide on cotton soaked makeup remover, then apply to the skin leg, arm hair removal skin. Dry your skin of oxygen to water about 20 minutes and the solution can penetrate the skin easily. Can immediately see the great effects of hydrogen peroxide was made the hairs gradually withered and fallen.

Get lightly wipe dry cotton makeup remover on the bleached hair just to take away the hairs fall out from the skin. Next rinse the skin with warm water cleansing medium, then cold water or rose water and apply moisturizer to the skin helps tighten pores completely, but also softens the skin waxing.

Important note:

– Pay attention not to apply hydrogen peroxide on the wound during healing. Hydrogen peroxide will cause premature skin grow more slowly, so use sparingly peroxide during this healing.

– In addition to the antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide can bleach dark spots, acne scars … However, it can also cause side effects such as cancer, changing texture of skin cells if used repeatedly in the long run.

Hydrogen peroxide solution concentrated can cause tissue damage, skin cells … Therefore, when you need to avoid hair removal skin areas with open wounds.

– For taking away features a thin layer on the skin epidermis of hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide should not be used in some cases sensitive skin. In case you have redness or irritation, stop applying the hydrogen peroxide and washed with water.


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