3 hot beauty trends in summer


Liner eyelid color, lipstick and use 3D style flower hair accessory that young women, more glamorous.

Makeup smoky or dark red lips ever classic yet fashionable, but if you keep repeating style can make you boring. Summer is the most appropriate time for the new idea of beauty. Here are three of these trends are causing girls fascinated.

1. Liner eyelid color

3 hot beauty trends in summer

If you want to change styles quickly and more prominent the eyelid contour guys with warm colors are interesting suggestions. When using eyeliner  color, you should pay attention to the principle of combining the pen color to color, eye color. This is the secret key to create a pair of lovely eyes . Also, can use eyeliner and mascara and the color to create impressive style.

2. Ombre-style lipstick

3 hot beauty trends in summer

Ombre is a French word, only the transition from light to dark colors, from light to dark and vice versa. The wound in a deliberate and creative will create a 3D effect for thinner lips, unique. You can combine two colors and tones (one dark, one light) or two contrasting colors (purple-pink, purple-red …) to create ombre-style lipstick.

3. Hair accessories with flowers

3 hot beauty trends in summer

Back in the ’70s, the city with a band of fresh flowers or flower cloth, metal … bring to gentle beauty girls This accessory is best for makeup natural nude tones used. Tone color schemes for foundation, eye shadow, blusher style are natural or pink color, lipstick is usually pale pink or orange.


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