3 wrong to use rose water


You should stay away from that type of alcoholic beverages rose water, rose water or use a cotton to remove? Not necessarily.

3 wrong to use rose water

Rose water not only provides water to the skin but also works to regulate and control the amount of mucus secreted. If you do not know how to use, the the rose water did not realize its full effects that can not be good for the skin. Here are the views may be right about the rose water.

Should avoid alcoholic drinks rose

Many people believe that alcohol rose water is not good, because it causes skin irritation. But in fact, a certain amount of alcohol in rose water helps remove excess oil and dirt in the pores, pore astringent. Therefore the amount of alcohol is necessary, especially oily skin.

Volatile alcohol, causing the skin’s moisture content down, so too should not be used continuously, and should be reduced in the dry season. Women who have skin too sensitive, do not choose a toner that contains alcohol.

Certainly have to use cotton cleansing

Cotton to clean the skin effectively, but not necessarily use it. You can pour directly rose water into the hands of  washed, clap hands on the skin to increase absorption of nutrients. The temperature of the hand skin absorbs water, rose water skin in more easily, saving for the end products are absorbed without penetration in cotton.

In short, if you use rose water to clean dirt on the skin, you should use of removing cotton ( recommended uneven cotton  to clean better), but if only to keep the skin, just use your hands.

Rose water made from natural materials without skin irritation

Even the product is introduced is produced from natural ingredients is still some irritation to the skin can not be safe 100% . So you should know about the characteristics of the skin to choose the appropriate type of rose water, should not only consider factors it is made from natural materials or not.


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