On the winter, dry weather, keeping the skin moist is very important. Here’s how to make and use 4 kinds of skin care mask helps in the dry day cold very effective.

4 face mask for cold weather1. Masks white radish and honey

Get a moderate amount of white radish, honey. Wash white radish, ground into the water. For moderate amounts of honey, mix well. Apply on face, gently massage in 10 minutes and rinse.

2. Mask egg yolk, honey and milk

1 egg, honey, milk, flour. Break the egg yolk obtained, the honey, milk, flour, mixed .Before go to bed applied on the face, to within 20 minutes, then use warm water rinse. Mask is suitable for dry skin and dry days.

3. Mask bitter melon

Wash the bitter melon, for in the fridge, so to keep refrigerated for about 2 hours, remove clean cut into slices. Apply slices of bitter melon have to face, both eyes, so in 20 minutes and rinse face.

4. Mask melon, eggs

Watermelon, moderate egg, flour. Get intestinal watermelon and egg yolk mixture, then flour slowly, mixing until a dough forms. Apply on the face, 10 minutes after washing, from 2-3 times per week.

You can do one of four types or can be combined on 4 types of turns. Massage the mask will help your skin smooth and bright, especially in the days of dry weather.

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