There are some healthy foods can actually promote the growth and stability of the hair follicles that make your hair longer faster.

4 food for hair fast long

Apart from a reasonable nutrition and balanced lifestyle, the woman use the following healthy foods to promote growth in hair follicles and help hair longer in a short time.

The performance level: Easy to moderate

What you will need:

– Green Tea

– 1 cup

– Vitamins

– Almonds

– The liver of animals

Instruction 4 food for fast long hair

1. Drink one cup of green tea every morning

For his hair grow and grow fast longer, you can drink a cup of green tea every morning. Because green tea as well as other healthy foods increase blood circulation throughout the body and this promotes faster hair longer.

2. 1 tablet vitamin supplement each day

In fact, if you take one vitamins pill each day , this is one way to not only help your skin better than light, but also makes long hair faster and more robust.

If you notice, you will see a pregnant woman often have hair growing very fast. Simply because during pregnancy, pregnant women often drink a lot of vitamins.

3. Eat more foods containing magnesium

If you want long hair fast, you eat healthy foods rich in magnesium.

Accordingly, almonds are an excellent choice, but make sure you do not roasted almonds for roasting process reduces the precious oils in it to help nourish the body!

4. Eat animals liver every week

For many people, the liver dish is really not attractive dish. However, the liver actually quite delicious and nutritious it. It is also one of the healthy food for fast hair long because it contains more protein and iron.

Advice and warnings

You should not just “solo” these foods in daily diet even want a long hair fast offline. Conversely, you still eat them as directed, but must combine a variety of foods daily.

Note that a vegetarian diet, diet no carbohydrates and no milk is not good for the development of fast and shiny hair.



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