Want to own beautiful skin and healthy, do not forget the 4 principles is immutable.

4 gold principles when skin care

1. Knowing your skin type

Know your skin type will help you choose the right products to care for and treat them. Make sure you are treating the right direction and skin problems are encountered and not make it worse.

There is a good rule to know which skin type face is to find out how you feel after washing and drying. If you feel lost a bit tight, the whole skin can dry your skin. Meanwhile, if it is shiny in a few minutes, they may be oily. If there firmly in cheeks and oily in the middle, then that is combination skin. If your skin tends to ease redness, swelling, burning or hot and cold, they may be sensitive skin.

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2. Wash your face before bed

This is probably the most important principles of skin care. Regardless of how tired you must also be clean and wash your face before going to bed. Or to a bag of wet towels on the bed so you can clean the wound-up when unable to step into the bathroom.

The layers of makeup will stay on the skin that clog pores, causing swelling and irritation of your dirty pillows. You can see more 6 principles when washing face

3. Bleaching dead skin

To remove dead skin cells renew and refresh the skin, create the habit of cleaning dead skin. Better done 1-3 times a week (or less if you have sensitive skin).

Keep appliances clean dead skin in the bathroom for you to remember to do them every week. And of course the result will be a pretty skin.

4. Moisturize

Your skin needs moisturizer, even T area if your skin oily. Usually the skin is easy to lose moisture (by air, air conditioning …) so very important to take care of them with moisturizer.

Gel is better for oily skin while cream rich in nutrition would be better for dry skin. And always remember to apply sunscreen under moisturizer to protect skin before the action of sunlight.


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