4 good tips to help nails health and beauty

To nail the ball is always natural light, the nails themselves are  strong and certain of the ball, the skin around the nails trimmed, clean.
Beautiful nails always  wish many woman
Use the nail care products with butter extracted from the avocado to help the skin around the nail care is always moist soft, not hard callosities, proteins and vitamins will enhance the health and flexibility of the nails. Nail clean and soft by soaking nails in warm water mixed little soap or diluted lemon juice in 3 minutes, then repaired and painted nails.
Some tips for protection and making beauty for nail

1. Use gloves when washing dishes when get in touch  alkaline environment to protect skin and nails are not abrasive and dry assembly. When selecting gloves to keep warm (winter) or anti-sun (summer) should be cotton or cotton material to hand close and not sweating.

2. Do not nail or nails painted fingernails cracking up the first basement is not as nice, the more chemical ingredients in cosmetics can cause damage to the basement below grade.

3. Do not use nails to peeled, cut … the movement will do so weak and brittle nails. If the nails have broken it cut limited to the broken, then rub a layer of acrylic nails to protect the rest of the process of the disease continues to grow.

4. Not be considered normal skin around the nail. The skin around the nail care should also be wet at night like skin to avoid sore-finger. Dab cream, massage cream specifically for hand and foot mask periodically to the skin around the nails are soft, smooth look healthy of nails.


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