4 Healthy hair tips for woman


Nowadays, we have seen a huge increase in hair loss in women and men both. Some are complaining about the frizzes, dryness, thinning and about hair loss.  The thinning and  hair fall is the most common hair problem that has affected many people in their life at least once. 

These hair problems can occur due to the stress; imbalance diet or hormonal changes and others. Whenever a person occurred to a hair loss they keep finding the serious cause; but they ignore the common fact that like your skin; your hair also requires certain care that makes the hair cell active and strength their functions. Here we provide some daily routine  before going to have a peaceful sleep; you need to follow on a daily basis:

Brush your hair

4 Healthy hair tips for woman

Brushing is really important for healthy hair because it penetrates the blood circulation, which requires by the hair to make the hair follicle (hair cells) active. It has been recommended by many stylists and beautician to at least brush your hair twice a day. If you want to have thick locks brush your hair before going to sleep. Use wide tooth comb rather than brush and start doing it from root to tip for few second. This habit helps to increase the blood flow and as well as evenly distributes the hair natural oil from the roots of the other hairs. It makes them moisturize and resist the frizzes.

Apply a conditioner

Wants to see your hair silky and smooth in the morning; then makes a habit to conditioner your hairs overnight. Markets are full of conditioner products which are leave-in conditioner; but you need to be shrewd while choosing the products. Choose the one which has herbals elements; because they won’t give damages. Conditioner is used to moisturize the hairs, when you apply the leave in conditioner for the night, comb it steadily and gently. Use white tooth combs rather than rough edges brushes. The brushing will regulate the conditioner in a proper way to all the hair.

Tie the hairs loose

Various women have long hairs.  It is necessary for long hairs to be tied up before the sleep. Tie up should be done in a loose manner because here our only reason to tie up is to stop the strands from making tangling. You can make the loose bun or  pony tail to make the hairs assertively in their right place. It has highly recommended by dermatologist  to use satin fabrics to cover the hairs at night. It will help to make the bedding clean and make your hair wrapped in together. Avoid the use of tight elastics and rubber  for the tie because these elastic or rubber puts a stress on the hair roots and make them more adamant to breakage.

Sleep on silk

4 Healthy hair tips for woman

For healthy hairs you need to change your sheets and pillows and start using silk bed sheets and pillow. The cotton bed sheets are the most excessive fabrics used for bedding. This fabric has the tendency to pull out your hairs. The cotton fabric is statically charge which causes hair breakage. Use silk for at least pillows and if you don’t have silky pillows for the time being use silk scarfs.

It’s vital to follow the daily routine for hairs because each day your hair has to go through many rough treatment. The way your skin requires daily care  similarly your hair also care.  There are hair night masks  are also available which are rich in Vitamin C; it prevents hair breakage and strength the hair growth. Follow this night tips and lush, long and healthy hairs.


  1. I have really long, thick hair and I don’t do any of these things… I consider my hair to be very healthy, however. Maybe if I start doing some of these things my hair will be even healthier. Thanks for the advice!!


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