4 Ponytails That Are Perfect for Prom


Prom season has arrived and many fashionistas are on the hunt for the perfect dress. Many girls go to great lengths to look amazing on the big day and why not? It is the ultimate evening to dress up and celebrate the end of school.

But before you throw yourself into dress shopping. Have you considered how you’re having your hair? It can make or break your outfit and this year is all about the ponytail.

It is girly and fun and extremely practical for dancing. Here are 4 styles to choose from:

4 Ponytails That Are Perfect for Prom

Bigger is better this S/S 2013. Give your pony lots of volume and texture to achieve a retro glamour look. Prepare your hair with a volumising spray, backcomb at the crown of your head, and then gather all your hair into a high pony.
Use an elastic band that matches your hair colour and backcomb the loose pony for added volume; just like American sweetheart Selena Gomez.

 Half up, half down

4 Ponytails That Are Perfect for Prom


If you don’t want to put all your hair up, this is a great alternative. Separate your hair into two sections and secure the upper half with an elastic band. Then pack the pony with personality by creating feminine loose curls with the rest of your hair. A waving tong or wand is ideal for creating gorgeous waves; how pretty does Ariana Grande look?!

Charming waves

4 Ponytails That Are Perfect for Prom

This look is all about wonderful waves. Give your hair some volume by backcombing it or using a volumising spray, and then sweep it into a low pony. Use a waving wand to curl sections of your hair and leave some strands of hair loose to frame your face. Vanessa Hudgens pulls this look off flawlessly!

Side knot

4 Ponytails That Are Perfect for Prom

(Images courtesy of TeenVogue.com)

Not a fan of sweeping your hair back? Not a problem. The side knot is great if you have long straight hair. Pull your hair to one side of your head into a low pony and tie with an elastic band.

Then take a strand of your hair and wrap it around the band to create a chic knot; secure with a pin. Just take Disney star Bella Thorne as inspiration! If you want to make it extra special, plait the pony or get a fishtail fix.

Remember girls, a pony will always prevail at prom!


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