4 reasons make fat people can not lose weight

Currently the world of diet to lose weight is increasing, but only after several months they have abandoned the intention … Why they failed to lose weight?

4 reasons make fat people can not lose weight

– The first: finish with food

Those who want to lose weight always confirmed food is risk for their weight loss plan.

But nutrition experts said, very hard to force the obese to the great food in a time continuum. And this is the main cause of failure of those who want to lose weight.

– Reason 2: Lack of active

There are those who comply with strict diet menu according to their outlines, but disregard the exercises. They do not know that exercise can help metabolize the fatty tissues of energy during exercise.

– Reason 3: Worry by hunger

Worry by hunger after round abstain make many people eat more. They eat too much, far beyond the threshold of body fat they need and back.

– Reason 4: Diet pathogenic

While some pliers can not be eating their desires, some people put themselves a menu is too harsh, this is also causes more serious problems.

Vegetables, an indispensable food menu diet. However, little is know that if you use too many vegetables will lead to inflammatory disease, peptic ulcer …

Many people remove fat from menus by fear of harmful effects of cholesterol in the blood. But enough cholesterol helps protect against vascular disease arteriosclerosis.

Recent research says that the transition loss is cause immune system disorders.


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