5 best masks the natural anti aging


Only by the home food like carrots, honey, or grapefruit, the woman can fully retain youthful skin, prevent aging over the years.

The delay of the first signs of skin aging has become a completely realistic goal for many of today’s modern woman. Because perceptions are the main factors causing skin aging and the role of routine daily activities of women should increasingly pay more attention to skin care.

5 best masks the natural anti aging

Along with the selection of skin care products have the chemical composition, considering the use of natural food, saving money is also an effective way that we should apply. The selection of natural masks are suitable for every skin type and skin condition is the first step, a key role to success in the process of skin care.

Another factor is also equally important stage of preparation and after skin care mask. Advice to you is to remove the skin by gentle cleanser before using a mask because then your skin will absorb nutrients more efficiently. Similarly, after covering the face and rinse with water, you should moisturize the skin.

Here are five masks the natural anti-aging skin that you can do at home:

1. Carrots

5 best masks the natural anti-aging

Carrot mask is a great choice for those who are having problems with black spots on the skin. Carrots are one of the most food rich in vitamin A and also a key component in the process of making cream of anti-aging.

Just a carrot with a moderate magnitude, you can use to treat skin discoloration and unsightly. Wash the carrots, you can then fill out the carrot cells to the skin surface gently. For this mask from 15 to 20 minutes before washing with warm water.

2. Honey and almond meal

Mixture of honey and almond meal can create masks gentle, suitable for oily skin. Honey is considered a component of skin care miracle because of the moisturizing and skin disinfection. Almond meal contains many vitamins have positive effects for the face.

Apply a layer of almond powder mixed with honey is a method of skin care natural skin, making skin soft and smooth. The mixture is suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

3. Chocolate

5 best masks the natural anti-aging

Chocolate mask is one of the most popular masks in the beauty spa. Besides the make you relax, cocoa powder has many interesting features to help delay the aging process. Cocoa contains powerful antioxidants and fatty acids nourish the skin. Cocoa powder mixed with honey, yogurt and oatmeal until you have a mixed medium.

Lactic acid from sour milk is considered mild chemical shell while the work oatmeal layer gently cleanse the skin surface.

4. Seaweed

5 best masks the natural anti-aging

Seaweed mask makes your skin more firm. Mix aloe with seaweed and a few drops primrose oil, then you use this mixture to the skin to remove the face and neck.

Gently massage the skin to make sure the ingredients in the mask can be absorbed into the skin. Wash your face after about half an hour and remember to use moisturizer afterwards.

5. Grapefruit and sour cream

Grapefruit and sour cream mask is one of the easiest ways you can use when you need a new mask will help your pores. This is also a great choice for mixed skin.

You mix a small amount of grapefruit juice with a few tablespoons of sour cream, then lightly massage your face. Use this mask for 2 to 3 times a week, you will see great results.


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