Do you worry about your oily skin? You have tried many ways but the results are not as you desire. Try these tips and or share to everyone

1. Salt

5 easy therapies get rid of oily skin

Use a small spray bottle, clean, drop a few grains of salt and add a little pure water and stir until salt dissolves. After washing your face, you use this dilute  salt water spray to bleach cotton ball and use as rose water, skin will be very soft and not greasy, shiny. Every day, you should make a times !

2. Cucumber and lemon juice

Cucumber with skin, rinse, then drain juice mixed with lemon juice, using absorbent cotton on the skin 30 minutes before showering or washing. Then rinse with warm water. The skin will regain a fresh vitality, pores will close and especially limited oil well.

3. Green clay and honey

Green clay mask has long been widely used to help skin regain looks bright, limited excess oil and balance skin moisture. You mix 1 teaspoon green clay powder (clay used to mask that sold in the spa) with a teaspoon of honey, then apply to skin.

After 15 minutes, rinse your face with warm water, using at least 2 times / week feel for a soft clean skin , pink and white, without spot of acne and blackheads.

5 easy therapies get rid of oily skin4. Cold water

The easiest solution to remove sebum on the skin is to use cold water or ice water. After cleaning the face, you use the stone wrapped in a clean towel, then pat absorbed gently over your face, your pores will become tight and sebum will be limited to regulating oil and more!

5. Tomato puree

According to specialists, tomato mask with gentle natural acid helps skin ruddy, healthy and especially oil abstinence without causing skin naturally loses moisture. Just tomato puree then scan your face for about 5-7 minutes, and finally washed, made on a weekly basis, you will have a healthy glowing skin seen.

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