5 fruits for best skin

Inevitably you know that fruit is a fuselage skin health beauty, so without waiting any longer rapid hoarding five fruits into refrigerator to add vitamins to the skin.
1. Tomatoes
5 fruits for best skin
Tomatoes contain a natural plant pigment, lycopene is resistant to oxidation great, protect skin from ultraviolet rays, preventing aging skin is light.

Using best: tomatoes eggs soup. Because lycopene is a type of fat soluble, so the cooking will help the body absorb easily than fresh.

2. Papaya

Green Papaya be best for the skin, works as whites, eat a small amount of papaya after dinner to fight stomach ulcers, indigestion, papaya fruits are also low calorie, so you do not to worry about weight. In 2007, the World Health Organization has ranked the top in papaya foods good for health.

The best way to eat: Salad papaya or papaya juice with added lemon and honey .

3. Cherry
5 fruits for best skin
A fabulous fruits for skin and enough water. It works to remove toxins and clean the intestines, in addition to cherry contains more iron, so you should not eat too much.

The best way to eat: When buying cherries should be left to choose, bright colors stretching the ball, machine. You should leave in the refrigerator for temperatures below 1 degree C.

4. Yam

Contain many vitamins B6, b-carotene, potassium, iron, very good for health.

The best way to eat: steamed yam will help keep all the nutrients in yam, sweet yam over.

5. Celery
5 fruits for best skin
Bacterial cleaning, purifying the skin, inhibiting sebum, eliminates acne. However, eating celery easy to tan, you should not eat food while going out.


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