5 fruits help to improve whiteness for your teeth & your health


The fruit below will limit the gold teeth, change color of teeth and bring healthy for your body, you should try and feel.

1. Strawberry

The strawberry contains malic and citric acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, C and many other elements that such as Fe, Ca, P, K, Mg, Mn. Therefore it is considered not only delicious and nutritious drinks of summer, it also works to skin, hair and making white teeth. For bleaching teeth with strawberries, they get ripe cherry fruit and cut to 2 piece then scrub teeth . To be difficult to scrub that gently everyday, your teeth will not gold teeth.However, then you should brush your teeth as usual as if brushing the sugar in fruit strawberries can accumulate and damage your teeth.

2. Lemon

5 fruits help to improve whiteness for your teeth & health

Lemon juice contains more vitamin C in the body, thereby preventing bleeding root certificate. You can also get mouth contact diluted lemon juice or rub up teeth, your dental cleaning and whitening is very effective.Lemon effect is clean and white teeth but also the people should not abuse of process because this will harm the enamel of your teeth. So it is best to always brush your teeth after the teeth rub Monitoring. This helps avoid lemon juice on a stick that is too long.

3. Apple

Unexpected uses of apples

With anti-infections each apple so please remember to apple especially after meals. Dinner dessert fruit easy to find things to help avoid dental disease, tooth decay and anti-gastritis. To the components of acid and sugar in the apple did not press at bay mouth, remember to drink a glass of water after eating this dessert.

4. Guava

5 fruits help to improve whiteness for your teeth & health

As more scientific research results, the guava is a fruit with many uses of the disease because it contains vitamins A, B, C and contains superior quality sugar. Guava fruit is a rich source of iron, calcium and phosphorus.So, do not hesitate to beautify your teeth with guava fruit. Voi180 mg vitamin nutrients C/100g is important to protect teeth. Without vitamin C, that will be very weak, susceptible to diseases such as swollen benefits, bleeding, teeth fall out or be lost …

5. Pineapple fruit

5 fruits help to improve whiteness for your teeth & health

Do bromelin contains a digestive enzyme of pineapple aromatic compound should also work to clean teeth nature. In addition, Bromelain also has the effect of sore throat, very effective in healing wounds in the oral cavity know …. So, you remember to eat even a few slices of pineapple a day.


In addition to the fruit works very effective clean, white teeth and make above, the use of more dilute salt water mouth contact. Especially useful for people with bleeding gums know. Then just two mornings at fine salt you use toothpaste, use continuously to achieve effective immediately. However, water salt concentration of antiseptic good, but too high concentration of salt is easy to cause damage to teeth and gums. Therefore, we only use their aqueous salts at concentrations equivalent to the concentration of the body (0.9%), only helps protect the lining layer cells has throat antiseptic effect. You can also use backing soda mix flour and salt also works whitening teeth.

Also, you absolutely must not forget to take home from 2 to 2.5 liters of water per day. This is simply not cost that much time and money to protect that know. Drinking water makes your teeth are clean, to remove the residues remains in the mouth, not to the bacteria a chance to damage your teeth.Each year, though no signs of any damage to teeth, you should go check dental teeth at least once a year anymore.



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