5 great essential oils for skin


You are in a divided in choosing the essential oil. The article below help to know 5 great essential oils for skin

1. Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil capable of recovering vitality to the skin and body, cure insomnia, headaches and feeling tired cleared in minutes. Essential oils for fragrance and deep shock, but rather pick and choose a user favorite. Lavender essential oil is used in many recipes beauty care not only by improving the mental effects for participants in treatment but also by a rather important characteristic: this is one of the few essential oils can rub the skin directly without dilution.
5 great essential oils for skin
Once the lotion to the skin, lavender oil will take effect immediately improve skin sunburn, soothing the skin irritation of the skin red and inflamed.

Use lavender essential oil like this:

Use 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil directly to skin lotion should be caring, to the night oil to promote the best performance.

To sleep and sleep easy sleep, you can use 1-3 drops of lavender oil on a cotton pad and placed under the pillow.

2. Carrot essential oil

Carrots have high nutritional value and carrot oil has become a familiar ingredient in skin care products. Carrot essential oil likely to improve skin tones, as white roses on a natural and increase elasticity, firm the skin. In addition, carrot essential oil-rich also beta carotene, vitamins and minerals, so this is an extreme remedy effective care for skin with acne.

Using  carrots essential oil :

Add a drop of oil in carrot moist recipe Body care cream or whole body you use every day to increase efficiency and improve skin care skin tones.

3.  Daisies essential oil

Daisies essential oil favorite scent by warm and concentration, feeling a deep spiritual and peaceful feelings. It known for effects of the spirit, cleared the fatigue and anxiety, to soothe the pain, with skin oils can cause mild Daisies skin irritation and swollen with blisters .

Using daisy essential oil:

Mix a drop of oil and mixed Daisies moisture cream you use every day to strengthen support effective moisture, soothing the skin irritation, red blush, the bloat skin  and has been feeling comfortable, peaceful.

4. Geranium essential oil

If you regularly fall into state of depression, anxiety, lack of faith in life, or women who are experiencing psychological changes caused during pre-menopause, difficulty in digestion problems, instability cycle blood circulation … the geranium essential oil  is effective choices to help you regain confidence and love life. When the lotion to the skin, lavender oil can increase the effectiveness of acne, improve skin increase the Black pigments, and the skin irritation and wounds heal soon.

5 great essential oils for skin
Use geranium essential oil:

Just add 1-2 drops of lavender oil on the type of moisture cream your favorite to get the effect above.

5. Tea essential oil

Can say oil tea oil is long and familiar in the beauty care formulas using essential oils. Tea fragrance oils are mixed deep warm feeling fresh, purified a unique way. Tea oil is honored oil-resistant bacteria, preventing inflammatory, antifungal, dandruff treatment effect, the skin irritation and redness to soothe sun burnt skin.

Using tea essential oil:

The aroma of essential oil is perceived as quite bold and powerful, but in contrast, which are the essential oils can calm light dab directly onto the skin becomes inflamed, red skin and acne. For best results, you should rub tea essential oil directly onto skin and massage regularly every day.


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