5 Low Budget Beauty Tips


New moms don’t always have the time or the energy to take care of themselves. From waking up at odd hours of the night to making sure that the baby is well fed and nourished, it can be increasingly difficult to give yourself a beauty treatment and rest. If you’ve noticed that you’re more stressed lately—whether you have irritated skin, fraying hair, or cracking nails—follow these five low budget beauty tips to get back in touch with your inner self.  

Make a Facial Mask

Facial masks are a great way to rejuvenate your skin because they clarify, moisturize, and cleanse. They also provide a quick and easy spa experience so you can relax in the comfort of your home.

Bananas are not only a baby-friendly fruit—they’re perfect for skincare masks as well! To make a 10 minute banana facial mask, follow the recipe below:

banana - 5 Low Budget Beauty Tips


– 1/3 ripe banana
– 1 teaspoon honey
– 1 large egg
– 1 teaspoon whole milk


Heat the milk in a pan to a gentle boil. After removing it from the heat and allowing the milk to cool, mix in the banana, honey, and egg. When the mixture is a smooth paste, apply it to your skin for 10 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Exfoliate at Home

Microdermabrasion treatments are a favorite among many people; but often, they can only be administered at a professional spa or a doctor’s office. Instead of making an appointment, you can find the aluminum oxide crystals used for professional spa treatments and bring the spa  home.

Since microdermabrasion crystals remove layers of dead skin to reduce fine lines, minimize pores, and fight acne, you’ll see improvements within just three sessions. Enjoy your own exfoliating treatment in the comfort of your home!


1 teaspoon aluminum oxide crystals

2 tablespoons of your favorite lotion, cream or oil.


Gently wash and dry your skin, then mix in the microdermabrasion crystals with a lotion or cream. After applying it to your face, slowly massage it in for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water and apply moisturizer after patting dry.

Additionally, microdermabrasion crystals may come in several different sizes. For first time users or people with sensitive skin, 120-grit crystals are ideal as they decrease the likelihood of irritation.

Treat Your Hair

Without proper care, your hair can get oily, frizzy, or difficult to manage. For extra shine and softness, treat your hair with a homemade soaking serum. This recipe uses herbal tea to lower the pH in your hair, seal in cuticles, and soften your roots. For other personal applications, use chamomile for blonde hair, rooibos for brunette hair, and black tea for dark hair.


  • 2 tea bags
  • 2 cups water


Wash your hair thoroughly and leave it slightly damp. Steep the tea bags in boiling water and remove after 10 minutes. Once the water has cooled to room temperature, pour the mixture over your hair and rub it in the same way you would with shampoo. Leave the treatment in for 10 minutes, then wash and condition your hair to ensure long lasting effects.

For best results, you can use this treatment once a week. If your hair is particularly difficult to manage, you can use the treatment up to three times per week.

Condition and Moisturize

For some people, dry hair is a regular and frustrating problem that requires weekly visits to a hair salon and daily use of expensive serums. Instead of wasting precious time at the hair salon and spending hundreds of dollars, use honey!

Benefit of honey - You may not know
Benefit of honey – You may not know

Honey is a naturally beneficial ingredient for your body, but when it comes to your hair, it can soften, condition, and stimulate growth. Also, since honey is full of antioxidants, it traps moisture in your hair and heals damaged follicles.


  • 1 tablespoon honey


After washing your hair, slowly massage the pure honey into your hair for 5 minutes. Then rinse the honey out with warm water. No additional ingredients necessary!

Boost Your Nail Hygiene

Who needs the nail salon? Use grapes to get rid of dead skin and hangnails instead. The acid and antioxidants in the grapes gently exfoliate the skin around your nails and get rid of ragged, dead cells.


– 5 red grapes
– 1 tablespoon sugar
– Grapeseed oil or lotion


Slice the grapes in half and dip the flesh into the sugar. Massage the grape around your nail for up to 30 seconds. Use one grape half for each finger, redipping the grape in sugar whenever necessary. After treating each nail, remove any excess sugar with a soft towel and dab grapeseed oil or lotion onto your cuticles.

For a quick pre-treatment to fix stained nails, run a fresh lemon wedge over your nails. You can also mix fresh squeezed lemon juice and water and soak your nails for 15 minutes.

Get Healthy

While many spa treatments are expensive and need to be personalized for your personal features, these low budget beauty tips allow you to use common household ingredients for a pampering experience in the comfort of your own private space. Give yourself a break and let these relaxing treatments soothe your inner self.


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