5 Motivational Tips to Help You Stay Healthy


“Healthy” is a word that was often discussed in your Science class back in elementary. During your adult years, it is a word that is brought up most frequently by some vegetarians when they nag others to stop eating meat. The word and the ideas it brings can get pretty boring over time. The path to health can get dreadful, and you eventually start destroying your good habits. Forgive yourself. Here are tips to motivate you to get back on track in staying healthy.

1. Feel amazed every day

When you wake up, feel amazed with the beauty of the morning. Be it a rainy morning or a sunny morning, it will be beautiful if you find a way to see the beauty. Do your best in seeing the good in everyone and everything. Even a simple glass of water will give you something to be amazed about. If you are having difficulty finding anything amazing about days that are just like all of your other days, find a person who is in a worse situation than you and compare your life to theirs. The beggars in the streets don’t have a bed to sleep on at night. It is amazing how you have a bed to sleep on at night. Feel lucky for having the little things that you have every day and be amazed by each of them.

2. Cheer yourself daily

Try writing a “happy list.” Pause for a while and write down the activities, people, and things that make you happy. Your list can include big things like winning the lottery, and small things like getting to eat cheese-flavored cupcakes. You can also include pets that make you happy. After writing your list, spend some time doing these activities, hanging out with these people, and getting these things that make you happy. If you have been feeling down for months, cancel the tasks in your weekend schedule to spend a whole day doing the items in your “happy list.” After this day, just do one item from the list per day to maintain your positive mood.

3. Accept changes

You will never fix a problem unless you accept it. When a shocking event like a bank robbery happens, certain people get in shock and don’t know what to do. When things don’t go their way, certain people get upset and behave badly. These people act this way because they are denying what is happening. How can you fix something that you don’t even know? The first step to fixing the problem is to accept it. When you accept it, you see it for what it is. Then you can find a way to fix it. Even if you don’t find yourself in extreme scenarios like bank robberies, practicing acceptance in your day-to-day life can make a big difference in staying healthy. It can help you get the missing ingredients in your favorite recipe, or stay patient with your crabby neighbor. If you find it difficult to accept something, drink kratom tea to calm yourself. Calmness is next to acceptance.

4. Take healthy diet

A good attitude will not do you much real good if you do not have a healthy diet. If you drink too much, you won’t maintain a good attitude for long. Make sure to eat breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks in between. Avoid excessive eating of only one type of food, especially when the type of food is processed. Processed foods have been clinically proven to contain lots of undesirable ingredients that make perfectly healthy people unbelievably sickly. Maintain a diverse diet that focuses on leafy vegetables and fruits. Even your drinks should be nutritious. Choose pineapple juice, milk, or even water.

5. Feel that the world is so beautiful

Environmentalists say that the bad human beings have spread so much badness in the world, that everything is severely polluted. Conspiracists say that we are all under control by America, the Catholics, or whatever and that we have no more free will. Whether or not they’re right, the sun still rises in the east, colorful flowers still grow, and birds still sing. The world is still beautiful, and if you get to know a lot of people, you will also find out that the human race is still generally good. Life is just a matter of seeing a half-empty glass or a half-full glass. Be the optimist. Admire the sunrise, cherish the breezes, and smile at the babies in strollers in the park. Life came to be because of the beautifully good, so continue it to contribute for the good of all and your own good.



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