Fitness is a thing which over the ages has become the most popular workout regime among the women. It is the strength, agility and cardio combined. All of this could do great things for one’s body, and the women are the ones in our society that crave for the “perfect body” more than men. Fitness requires certain equipment if you want to get proper results and every single fitness girl is dreaming of having full equipment. Some are a little expensive, but here are the examples of what you could buy as a gift for a fitness girl.

  1. TRX Suspension Trainer

trx-suspension-trainer: 5 Must-Have Gifts for a Fitness GirlThe best way for one to exceed his or hers maximum is to endeavour in suspension training. One of the most intense training in the world is a suspension trainer, and TRX equipment is essential if you want to go past your limits. When you get a personal, professional trainer, you will experience the most intensive training which is solely made for you and your body.

  1. Super-luxe Leggings


This is just a piece of clothing for which many people around the world think that it’s not necessary to have it. This is where they’re all wrong because these leggings will help you in more than one way. You wouldn’t have those long leggings that are baggy and always in your way when you’re doing a certain exercise, or even have to wear one of those shorts thingies that get all soaked with sweat. These super-luxe leggings will feel like you’re not wearing anything at all and they also prevent over extensive sweating.

  1. Treadmill

3-treadmillTreadmill is a must when it comes to fitness. Cardio part completely rests upon treadmill running, and that is mostly where you will build up your running stamina. This is one of the things every fitness girl dreams about because not all days are good for running outside. When it’s raining or extremely cold, you won’t be able to run outside, and that’s when treadmill comes in handy. There are two types of treadmill – mechanic and automatic. On mechanic, you will have to run and move the treadmill, the faster you run, the faster it moves and as soon as you stop it stops. However, on the automatic one, you can set the desired running speed and then run accordingly. It also runs on electricity whether mechanical one doesn’t.

  1. Foam Roller

4-foam-rollerWhen doing sit-ups one can easily hurt his or her back. Many other exercises can cause severe damage to one’s body, and that is why we need a foam roller. This piece of exercising equipment can easily be carried where ever it’s needed and set up just the same. It’s pretty much similar to a yoga mat.

  1. Reebok Adjustable Speed Rope

5-reebok-adjustable-speed-ropeFor advance rope jumping it’s strongly advisable to get Adjustable Speed Rope. If you want to master the double-under, then you need a speed rope, because without you will never be able to. Reebok Adjustable Speed Rope is the one that you need.

These are just some of the examples what you can get for your fitness girl. Of course, there are plenty more pieces of equipment which she will need, but for starters, this will do.


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