5 Must Have Items for Your Make-up Room


As a rule, women tend to take an immense amount of time getting ready to leave the house. Sometimes this is a daily ritual and other times it only happens on special occasions. Regardless of how much time you spend getting ready for your day, having your own make-up space in which to “glam-up” can be life-changing.

If you already have your own make-up room, consider yourself lucky. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones still standing hunched over in front of the bathroom mirror, try to find a space in your home to create a luxurious make-up room just for you. When decorating your make-up room, there are certain things you should consider placing in the space to provide yourself with the luxury, comfort and style that you richly deserve.

1.    Vanity

A make-up room just wouldn’t be a make-up room without the inclusion of the perfect vanity. These days, vanities come in all shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. You should have no difficulty in finding a vanity to suit your personal style and taste, whether you prefer the regal look of an antique Victorian piece or the modern style of an acrylic vanity. Choose one that offers plenty of storage space, as well, so you can conceal your makeup collection and display those stunning perfume bottles as a decorative element atop your vanity.

2.    Seating

The right seat or stool will complement your vanity perfectly, and is often the ideal spot to add a pop of color, pattern or texture. Just like vanities, stools come in all shapes and styles, from single stool-type seats to bench-style seating. You can opt for a beautiful upholstered piece with rich fabrics or a sleek acrylic seat that will open up a small space. Most importantly, consider your needs when choosing a seat. If you need additional storage, choose a seat that offers a cushion that flips up to conceal hidden storage. If you’ll be giving yourself pedicures in your make-up room, opt for a comfortable seat where you can relax and unwind.

3.    Mirrors

Mirrors or multiple mirrors, are a necessity to create the perfect make-up room. If your vanity doesn’t already have an attached mirror, you can choose any mirror that speaks to the aesthetic space you’re trying to create. From ornate gold mirrors to sleek silver ones, mirrors are available in every shape and size imaginable. Modern spaces will benefit from the inclusion of rectangular shaped mirror, while boudoir-style make-up rooms might benefit from an ornate, oval mirror to complete the look. In addition to your vanity mirror, it’s also beneficial to place a full-length mirror somewhere in your space so you can give yourself a head-to-toe onceover before you leave the house.

4.    Lighting

Choosing the right lighting is the single most important aspect to consider when designing your make-up room. The right lighting can enhance your beauty and show your true face, while the wrong lighting can be a detriment and contribute to you not putting your best face forward every day. Undoubtedly, the best lighting for make-up application is natural light. If you have a lot of natural light coming into your space, place your vanity in the best spot to take advantage of that light. If not, choose halogen bulbs or any other bulbs that emit a soft, coated light. Avoid fluorescent bulbs like the plague.  In addition to your vanity lighting, place additional fixtures in a triangular pattern throughout your room for optimum results.

5.    Organizers

Women generally accumulate a lot of make-up – often so much that even they don’t know what they actually have. The key to using all of your expensive cosmetics is to ensure that they’re organized. Clear containers are an excellent choice, as they allow you to see everything you own. Purchase organizers with dividers to separate your cosmetics or buy separate organizers for each particular type of make-up, such as foundation or lipstick. There are plenty of options, including those items specifically designed for storing cosmetics. Consider placing magnets on the back of those items you use on a routine basis and hanging them on a magnetic board right beside your vanity.


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