Only with natural products such as bananas, chestnuts, strawberries or cherry , you can completely eliminate acne causing skin discomfort and unsightly.

Blackheads are one of the types of acne causing bad skin condition and has a large effect to your skin in general. This type of acne is often present in oily skin, so women owning this type of skin needs to pay attention to the process of cleansing and nourishing the skin, especially during summer weather.

To ensure that removes dirt and debris, avoid prolonged acne, all you need to do is create your own some effective natural masks for  skin effectively. The biggest advantage of the natural mask is avoid allergies and keep your skin whiter and significantly improve the acne problem. Here, I introduce with  woman 5 masks easy and affordable to help remove blackheads and nourish skin.

Banana mask

5 natural mask treatment blackheads Bananas are great effects in the treatment of skin blackheads. Antioxidants in this fruit will restore the skin has been compromised. First, you crush a ripe banana in a medium bowl. Then mixed with 1 teaspoon honey.

To more efficiently mask, you add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Apply the newly mixed up with acne, for such a 15 – 20 minutes. Finally wash your face with water and wipe the surface with a clean towel. Please proceed banana mask for at least three times a week, you will have the desired result.

Chestnut mask

Chestnut is considered the best natural products to help treat skin lesions. The first step, you crushed several chestnut fruit, then mix with 2 tablespoons of honey.

You wash your face thoroughly mixed up and then get onto the skin with acne. For so at least 20 – 30 minutes. Finally you can wash face with warm water.

Strawberries and egg whites mask

Strawberries are wonderful ingredients used in skin care process in general. This pretty small fruits work well and make your skin whiter.

To make strawberry mask, you need to grind 6 strawberries 1 egg white. Clean after cleansing, apply this mixture on your skin. To mask at least 20 – 30 minutes. Finally wash your face with warm water.

5 natural mask treatment blackheads Cherry mask

Cherry is not only delicious but also very rich in vitamins and nutrients needed for maintenance and cure acne skin. You grind from 5-6 cherries and mix with 2 teaspoons honey. Cherry mask to the skin from 20 – 30 minutes.

Then wash face with water and wipe surface with a clean towel. Cherry mixture, honey helps remove dirt and debris to your skin. In addition to treating skin breakouts, you can use this mask to the skin daily.

Peach mask

Peaches is great utility in the care of the skin and is a food that you should apply in the diet. The blackheads should be easy to hate eliminated with natural ingredients helps remove waste products from the peach skin. To do the mask, you crushed a medium peach and mix with 1 teaspoon honey. Then cover the mixture obtained to the skin. For so at least 20 minutes and rinse face with warm water.

Hope to mask the natural formula above, the sisters can quickly review the status of flights and find their acne skin smooth, bright white for myself.

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  1. Hi,
    A little tip I’d like to pass on to everyone that I’m pretty certain helped me clear up a lot of my blackheads and spots and especially blackheads in ear was to simply stop using soap!

    I simply started washing my face, ears and neck with just warm water and I started to see a reduction in the amount of zits and blackheads I got.
    I had blackhead in ear and even those started to clear up.with just warm water and I started to see a reduction in the amount of zits and blackheads I got.
    Give it a try and see if your skin starts to improve.