5 Pretty Dresses to Wear This Valentine’s Day


“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart,” wrote Hellen Keller. Indeed, this could be the very reason why many people look forward to Valentine’s Day and why there is such a month as the love month at all. While love does take more of the intangible feelings to understand, it wouldn’t hurt if you look at the top of your style game while you’re celebrating loving and caring and sharing come February 14.

The Five Prettiest Dresses to Wear for Valentine’s Day

You must already know that you’re not the only one planning to make Valentine’s a little extra special for yourself and for that special someone in your life. Getting everything right and in their proper places in time for V-Day can be tough but it’s not impossible. When it comes to your official V-Day outfit, it takes a bit of strategizing and even practice to get everything perfectly in order.

If you’re looking for fool-proof dresses that will fit any romantic theme your beau may have in store for you that he’s not letting you in to, you should take a look at these five classic dresses that never go out of style:

1. Little Black Dress

5 Pretty Dresses to Wear This Valentine's DayIt’s the ultimate go to dress up for any occasion from formal dinners to casual movie dates. This dress offers more than just the advantage of versatility and practicability. First, since this is so classic, almost any of your Valentine’s Day beauty tips for makeup and styling will be easily applicable. Second, there are loads of choices available if only because it’s a classic. Third, it creates that wonderful illusion of a slimmer you.

Take care not to get too skimpy or you’ll risk losing the elegance of the LBD. Calf-length is ideal but when you seriously just feel the need to show off more skin, you can opt to use an Avon Cellulite Cream to make sure you have beautiful, non-dimply legs. Wait, there’s a catch. Creams such as this work best only when complemented by a healthy diet and regular intense workouts.

2. Red Tailored Dress

Red Tailored Dress for ValentineCan there be any other dress that can be more attractive and powerful than this on V-Day? None — we thought so too. Full red on puts you in the driver’s seat and instantly gives you full control of the situation. The power and the confidence it rubs on you is so irresistibly appealing and sensual in every imaginable way.

3. Crepe Dress in Pastel Colors


Crepe Dress in Pastel Colors for ValentineThis is the ideal go-to dress when you feel like exuding sophistication and laid back dainty all at the same time. At best, dresses made with this material look good in one, plain color. However, if you want more personality, get one with bold cuts on the shoulders or collar. Better yet, find one that has identifying prints on it.

4. Floral, A-lined Dress

Floral, A-lined Dress  for Valentine

Go all the way back to the 1940s with this dress and a full collar bow. The best renditions are made with flowy fabrics that go down to the knees. This look is timeless vintage that you’ll keep falling for over and over again.

What makes this dress all the more ideal is that you can wear it to any possible casual date with the theater, a warm home or even the chilly outdoors for your backdrop. You can easily seat yourself on a chair, a couch or the ground without having to hassle your date too much about keeping you comfortable and convenient. He’ll love you for being game.

5. Full length dresses with a high side slit

Full length dresses with a high side slitAnother way to get this look right is by having two thigh-high front slits. These can be specially flattering if you have long legs. Worn with a pair of floral wedges and Valentine’s Day beauty tips that feature your naturally healthy skin, this dress will definitely help you make a fashion statement and a great first date impression.


Valentine’s Day indeed is a time for people to contemplate about love — both giving it and getting it. This is a once in a year event that gives us the perfect excuse to express our feelings for people we love if only because it’s not very easy for many people to do so on a regular basis. It is just as much a time to make a stylish impression.


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