5 steps ‘refurbished’ lips for Christmas


End of the year is an ideal time to party and you will probably use a lot of lip. Therefore, take your pink lips always smooth and beautiful.

5 steps 'refurbished' lips for Christmas

1. Peeling cell death

This is one of the most essential tips to make sure there is a nice layer of lipstick in this season. The first step you need to do is to exfoliate with sugar or soft bristle brush. Pale lipstick will not be able to cover up the traces of faults, cracks, cracked skin on your lips. Therefore, exfoliating gives your lips soft and smooth.

2. Create humidity

After exfoliation for lips, apply a layer of lip moisturizer or lip forms the background to keep lips from chapping, keep layers light lipstick color is bright and not dry. Avoid using any moisturizer containing alcohol because they can dry the skin environment, clumping and non-smooth lipstick.

3. Use the concealer

Use concealer if you feel your lips are smooth or if you want to overlay with a pale lipstick or nude color. Use concealer environment also help pale lip color stay its true color.

4. Outline for Lip

Create and his stripes for your lips with lip liner before using lipstick color. Find a paint lined same color with the background to keep your lips look natural and bright.

5. Use brushes

Apply lipstick with a special broom to ensure drawings are crisp and accurate, especially in the corners and the corners of his lips.


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