5 tips help you have beautiful legs


A straight long legs with smooth skin, silky certainly wins more points in the eyes of the men! A few tips to help you feel more confident with your legs:

5 tips help you have beautiful legs1. Spa the feet at home

No need to go to the spa for skin and body care, try to take yourself a little time each day to care. Make a foot spa at home is simple, use a basin of warm water, add a few grains of sea salt, a few drops of milk bath, essential oils lemon or citrus and foot soak 15-20 minutes per day.

2. Remove dead  skin cell

Dead skin will make your feet dry, less smooth, the heel will be very hard to the touch and scarred. You can use exfoliation cream for hands and feet, or more simply dilute salt water or use brown sugar to exfoliate the feet. Use the brush bar more dead skin, massage gently to hit fly off layers of dead cells on the skin surface.

3. Pedicure

Cut toenails regularly, but pay attention not to cut too close otherwise the tip will become more sensitive and easy infection.

Before cutting nails, soak your feet in warm water to soften the nail, then use pliers to press and push rod pushes the dead skin off the excess skin around the nail, after cutting is complete, carefully wipe the nail clean towels and between the legs, then filings used to reshape the nails. Finally, use paint to paint nail care nail surface.

You should shop own a stapler nail care, if you do not have time at home nail care, as the salon, take the pliers to press their workers to prevent infectious diseases if you accidentally bleeding,  scratch skin.

4. Nurturing feet

Even with your feet, you can also use mask nourish skin. The heel type mask with extracts from clay or vegetable oil available in the market will help your legs are smooth and rosy.

5. Deodorize of legs

Girls is not always confident with your feet do not smell, try using the foot deodorants with peppermint extract and used for cinnamon shoes lining to prevent odor.

Green tea leaves which will be used to absorb odor and is very effective. You can use green tea is boiling, add salt to soak the feet. This not only helps deodorize, but can also kill bacteria.


  1. This is a helpful information. In other option soak your sore and exhausted feet in a lukewarm water. Loosen up and let your feet stay in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. You can read magazines or books while waiting, you can even surf the net and create hubs if you want.


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