5 tips to cure dark underarms


Armpit hair removal, remove dead skin, avoid wearing tight clothing … is the method helps skin whiter underarms smooth.

1. Exfoliation

5 tips to cure dark underarms

Like in other parts of the skin, armpits should be exfoliating to create tension and bright white. You can remove the skin cells are no longer braided activities with baking soda, lemon juice 3 times a week. Besides, the physical exfoliants contain alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acids are effective option for skin in this area.

2. Waxing underarms instead of shaving

Shaving or plucking the armpit are making this skin blackened. Method spit a direct impact on the hairs, pores and cause break situation when dark skin repeatedly. The measure also does not take away shaving the hair thoroughly but also make them more development after every shave.

Waxing technique armpit hair removed from the roots, so the skin in this area becomes clean, bright and smooth. The she can use special creams or bleaching treatment done at the spa, professional prestige.

3. Do not use cosmetics that become dark armpits

Ladies avoid using underarm cosmetics skin care substances such as depilatories, deodorants, talcum powder, hair removal creams contain harsh chemicals that irritate the skin leading to discoloration. Instead, you can apply care products are prepared from herbs with natural fragrance would be better.

4. Wear loose-fitting clothing

5 tips to cure dark underarms

Ladies should avoid areas too-tight dresses as they can cause friction can lead to skin irritation and discoloration final. In addition, sweat wicking material is a top priority in the summer weather to reduce and combat body odor underarm skin is blackened.

5. Use tomatoes and potatoes

Cut a thin slice of ripe tomato fruit about 0.5 cm and then gently dab hand round to the skin under the arm for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Make every day a bath times before, your skin will be bright pink this.

Besides, you can cover on a daily basis a few slices of potato on the skin under the arm for 15 minutes, how simple but effective.

Moreover, coconut oil and massage the skin under the arms for 5 minutes before bath also helps smooth the skin of the armpit, full of life.


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