What a lovely roll cabbage leaves or simply the sweet potatoes are rich food sources of vitamin helps prevent the formation and development of acne.

6 kinds of vegetable, fruit is good for acne skin

1. Cabbage

The aircraft rolled cabbage leaves pretty often occur in winter are rich in vitamins A and E help prevent the occurrence of acne.

Also, in cabbage contains more antioxidants and iron, which helps convert oxygen nourishing your skin.

2. Fish lettuce

6 kinds of vegetable, fruit is good for acne skin

This is regarded as vegetables herbs well, external useful effect in the treatment of cough, fever, lettuce fish also is effective against bacterial infections, improving resistance and skin cooling. Thus, individual lettuce very effective in treatment of redness swelling pimples.

You can use the fish lettuce leaf by cleaning your face, get some fish washed lettuce leaves, pound, up on the site of the acne before bed. To light up your spend, will persist as from acne.

With this method you need to wash lettuce leaf surface and the fish skin before covering up slightly.

3. Watercress

6 kinds of vegetable, fruit is good for acne skin

If you already know the purpose of cress for the skin, then replace the vegetables eaten daily by eating watercress often than offline. Because more than provide necessary nutrients with high concentrations, liquid extracts of watercress mixed with honey, rub surface to dry and then washed, twice a day to treat freckles.

Also, put on pound watercress wounds, clusters of boils, eczema, scabies and other skin diseases. It was found that the watercress oil is antibacterial, inhibiting bacteria cause pimples.

4. Carrots, eggplant, pumpkin, tomatoes

In this type that contain lots of vitamin A and zinc. These are the basic components work to control operation of the sebaceous glands, reducing the amount of dead cells on the epidermis layer.

Besides, the more vitamin A in carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes … also have the effect of renewable skin, giving you smooth pink skin.

5. Squash

6 kinds of vegetable, fruit is good for acne skin

In eastern medicine, squash called winter fruit, ginkgo contains high levels of vegetable oil, with no saturated fat, is beneficial for skin and hair.

Many people often get washed squash, peeled, seeded juice drinking water or topical. This mixture helps acne and red white and smooth.

6. Sweet potato and  leaves

6 kinds of vegetable, fruit is good for acne skin

Do not think that there is a new sweet potato effects with acne skin. That even the sweet potato leaves are also very active acne treatment. It helps draw pus boil broken by using young leaves of sweet potatoes, green beans, add a little leaves salt, wrapped in cloth to cover acne marks.

Also, sweet potatoes mucoprotein-rich substances, vitamin C, vitamin A. Eat sweet potatoes are effective at reducing cholesterol, reducing fat under the skin, respiratory benefit, spleen, stomach, kidney coated positive benefits, effective skin beautifying effect.

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