6 mystique makeup of Vanessa Hudgens


No need consultants, not expensive cosmetics shopping, Vanessa Hudgens owns enviable skin. We see  some tips from Highschool Musical actress below.

6 mystique makeup of Vanessa Hudgens

1. Makeup remover before going to sleep

“I was really upset and could not sleep without makeup remover. Quite sensitive skin so I have chosen oils for children (baby oil) to remove makeup. However, sometimes due to fatigue so when you go home, I can just use a wet towel to remove the page. Wash your face every night is a great way to keep your skin healthy. ”

2. Moisturize

Vanessa moisturizer used 2-3 times / day. According Highschool Musical actress, she was serious and conscious in choosing an eye cream. Because it can help prevent aging and dry skin. “No one wants to see her as less wrinkled 30-year-old,” Vanessa said.

3. Wearing sunglasses

Another way Vanessa can help prevent crow’s feet, eye aging is to wear sunglasses when outside during the day, even when overcast.

4. Experiment with different colors

“I love the neutral color. However, I have special fondness for color. Especially when the evening of the party, I want to stand with cat eyes and red lipstick.”

5. Do not spend too much money on cosmetics

“I love Chanel, Dior, Nars … But no matter if I use Cover Girl cosmetics and ELF eyeliner and mascara My only $ 5.” Vanessa’s advice for girls is not important names of cosmetics, just where the money is and fit your budget.

6. Use body lotion

Vanessa Hudgens always use body lotion before bed and every morning. Cream is especially important for her hand trying to use it several times a day.


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