According to the latest survey of USA experts dermatology, up to 80% of women do not wash your face properly, causing increasingly rough skin, large pores, not really in makeup, skin infections. Do to limit the trouble on?

1. Wash your face no more than 3 times daily


Although normal skin or oily skin, every day the best face wash should only within 3 times. Wash your face too many times, for too many kinds of milk to wash your face “destroy” natural lining up on the epidermis of skin, causing skin to “defensive” by adding more oil to plenty of self-balancing, so oily skin more.

2. Start with warm water, ending with cold water

This is the principle of beauty extremely effective. First, wash your face with warm water should dilate pores, skin “all except” the first hard time sticking bacteria on the skin. However, sometimes warm water damage to the lining natural skin epidermis, causing decreased elasticity to the skin, causing dry skin.

Therefore, the next should wash face with cold water to small pores, prevents bacterial attack, soft skin retain moisture and long term.

3. Remove one’s makeup to compel

This stage is extremely important to get the firm skin, healthier. Therefore, do not mistakenly believe the class distribution pale skin makeup does not need to remove, just wash with milk cleanser is clean. Necessarily use bleaching products dedicated, if not, at least in the milk can be washed with a cleanser and bleach use is the main.

4. Do not use face cloth more rub time and gain

Many people believe that using face cloth  rub  to the skin will “dislodge” the contaminants in the pores. This is completely wrong. How this causes more skin damage, skin irritation, leaving skin more more oil. Remember, towels lasts only a layer of foam is created to interact quickly with the skin, causing the contaminants present on the skin only. Therefore, only use face cloth before (wet skin) and after washing face (dry skin).

5. Should be specialized for milk cleanser morning and night

Skin status at the time of morning and evening is different, so best to use two types of milk cleanser specialized work. Gentle milk cleanser for the morning and powerful little piece for the evening.

6. Indispensable to the work mat-distance

This is one of the factors causing firm skin and smooth. As an exercise for the skin, pores will be quickly closed, classes oil is  more oil out less, the skin become smooth, a few wrinkles and fade. That will make you younger

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