6 recipes remove bad odor armpit efficiency from natural


Smelly armpits but not hazardous to health, but affects daily life, causing lack of confidence and comfort in communication. In many people work too hard because of the large sweat glands of the armpit to the armpit sweating increased, causing moisture plus the bacteria causing underarm skin can smell, especially in hot weather.


6 recipes remove bad odor armpit efficiency from natural

There are many measures to improve the situation as bad underarm use products to prevent sweating in the form water, powders, waxes on the market, in addition to introduce some simple medicines to help improve efficiency condition:

Recipe 1: Using alum roasted, spread smooth. After the shower, dry your armpits pits, rubbing alum powder obtained in two armpits pits . Once a day. Post this drug is very effective because the main ingredient is alum is aluminum sulfate, when the armpit sweat secretion will be reduced by aluminum sulfate.

Recipe 2: Body, ginger root 20g fresh (dried grind silky), 4 g of camphor, mix. After the bath, rubbing on armpit. Because ginger contains essential oils and bitter substances are inhibit sweating, dry skin without unpleasant odors.

Recipe 3: 1 piece fresh ginger, tea leaves 5g, brake use cooled boiled water in washing the armpits, on 1-2 times, making 10 consecutive days.

Recipe 4: Use 2 to 4 fresh betel leaves, washed. After shower rub in armpit. Making continuous improvement in a month will be improve underarm odor because betel effect is very good disinfectant, effective deodorant body sweat.

Recipe 5: After you shower, use rubbing sliced ​​fresh lemon on the armpit, wait about 15 minutes and rinse, as frequently, on a time there will be a good deodorizing effects.

Recipe 6: Peppermint 10g, angelica 10g small grind, shower then rubbing the armpit on a time, doing so within 10 days.

Note: For regular wash with antibacterial soap to clean the bacteria on the skin. Summer clothes should use cotton fabric help to absorb sweat well and replaced frequently. The bad odor may also be caused by food, which should limit eating spicy, hot peppers, garlic, onions, … avoid triggers dramatic, suspense, fear, nervousness .. . to the sweat glands are strong active.



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