6 secrets of Kim Kardashian makeup


Kim always used  longest false eyelashes. Lip liner or cover up body by bronzing powder…

Eyelashes impression

Expert makeup of Kim Kardashian revealed that she never left the house without paying much attention to your lashes. The reality TV star often choose the longest fake eyelashes. making her eyes become larger and more impressive. After using false eyelashes. mascara Kim often thinned to create more natural thickness.

6 secrets of Kim Kardashian makeup

Create the block face

The first step is to use foundation. then use loose powder and apply concealer. Creating a chalk outline and create blocks in the cheekbones. chin sharp focus on helping Kim ‘s face more clearly. Finally, she used loose powder to highlight the inner corner of the eye. under the eye and forehead angle to the overall face became bright, beaming.

6 secrets of Kim Kardashian makeup

Sexy lips

One of the highlights of Kim beauty is seductive lips. She always use lip liner before lipstick to lip shape clear format. A little lip gloss on the bottom lip to make lips fuller naturally.

6 secrets of Kim Kardashian makeup
Shiny skin

Maternal drinking a lot of water and always use moisturizer to smooth of skin healthy. Besides, she uses special note sunscreen out. To exfoliate and remove skin tan by staining. Kim usually to a reputable spa bath and exfoliation performed whole. The mixture usually includes exfoliation blueberries and fresh  pomegranate .

She also has a super round 3 tips for skin more shiny appearance on the red carpet or covered with bronze metallic powder on the shoulders and chest to attract more before lenses.

6 secrets of Kim Kardashian makeup

Wavy hair

Kim hair color changes over the years. from yellow to brown and black to refresh image in the eyes of the audience, but she was always faithful to form curls to wavy curly hair. This is the typical hairstyle of Kim. it fits angular face and making her so tenderly. more seductive. For long hair shiny wife rapper Kanye West using moisturizing hair mask at least once a week.

6 secrets of Kim Kardashian makeup

Smoky eye

In a video made ​​beautiful. Kim said : ” I always use this smoky eye even in the grocery go swimming or to the red carpet event” That is the most characteristic taste of her make-up.

First, Kim uses a lightweight liner for eye color last longer. then painted with chalk mi brown eyes and vote. Use a brush to spread chalk gray eyelids the nearest high brow to create the effect of smoky eyes fanciful. Finally use white or a light pencil to brush along the edges of the eye are increased prominence.

6 secrets of Kim Kardashian makeup


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