6 Ways To Get Hairless Skin Naturally


Hair removal has always been a matter of genuine concern since ages. With passage of time it became a necessity and part of our busy lifestyles. Quick fixes, hair removal treatments and painful methods were adopted to strip hair that marred beauty and caused embarrassment.

6 Ways To Get Hairless Skin Naturally

But these quick fixes not only turn out to be pretty risky, but extremely painful and costly.  Waxing comes with excruciating pain and requires proper hygiene. The likelihood of getting allergies, rashes etc. are quite high for Lasers treatments. Besides, they aren’t exactly giving you a permanent riddance from these pesky hairs. So why not go for natural and risk free ways to remove hair.  Lined below are some good and natural ways to get rid of unwanted hair:

1. Sugaring

This helps you to get rid of hair from the roots and for a longer duration. The ingredients required for the sugar spa is 2 cups of sugar,1/4th cup lemon and /4th cup water. Heat the pan and mix all the ingredients with continuous stirring, till it turns into a thick brown paste. Allow the paste to cool to a nominal temperature before use. Apply usual methods of waxing to remove hair.

2. Ant oil massage

One of the ancient methods to remove hair is massaging your body with ant oil. This can be used at a very early stage of development for a baby girl, which restricts hair growth, eventually making it permanent. Not only small babies but young women can also use this oil. Before you use, it is advisable to remove the hair for once and then apply ant oil at night for 1 month. It removes hair permanently.

3. Threading

Threading is one of the commonly used ways to remove hair from the sensitive parts of your body like eyes. Applying sugar, wax etc. can damage the delicate facial tissue. A thin cotton thread is used for this purpose which is curled and rolled along the skin, traps hair and lifts it up by the root. This is considered as the best way to get beautifully shaped eye brows.

4. Home made facial

Hairy face causes embarrassment and can be very annoying for women. A better alternative to hair removal creams is a home made facial. The ingredients include lemon juice, water and gram floor mixed thoroughly. Apply this onto your face and leave till it dries. Scrub it off in the direction of growth to peel off unwanted hair.

5. Egg paste

It is the safest method to remove hair from any part of the body.  Ingredients include ½ cup egg white, 1/2 cup sugar and ½ cup corn floor, mixed well to make a paste. Apply this on the hairy area and leave for 15 minutes to dry. Scrub it off in the direction of hair growth.

6. Yogurt and chickpea floor paste 

Mix equal amounts of yogurt and chickpea and make sure that the paste being made is a thick one. Apply this mixture on your body and let the paste dry for half an hour. After the required time scrub and wash it off.



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