7 beauty products for the morning


You can skip the eye shadow, blush, but do not forget to drink water and moisturize the skin, lips.

Waking up in the morning, women often feel like a machine must work overload. But I will help you regain the excitement quickly by making you more beautiful with the beauty products below:

7 beauty products for the morning

1. Water

Exactly drink 1-2 glass of water in the morning is a gentle skin care, the most economical. It helps dehydrated skin at night, especially the lips and skin around the eye skin becomes thinner from the inside out. Also, drink water in the morning can eliminate toxins in the body.

2. Exfoliating cream

Not only removes dead skin discoloration on the skin surface but also cosmetics enhanced brightness for smooth skin. You should choose a cream exfoliator smells of oranges, tangerines in the morning to relax the body, giving her good mood for a day full of energy work.

3. Eye Cream

If you wake up with a double facial swelling, fatigue, you apply a little eye cream. Currently, the market has sold more cream from 100% natural ingredients is effective and safe for the skin. Or a simpler way, you can use a piece of ice or chilled cucumbers to wake up sleepy eyes.

4. Moisturizer with sunscreen effect

A lightly colored moisturizer with SPF at least 15 will protect your skin better. You can use this cream instead of cream based in makeup step.

5 Lip balm with high humidity

To keep lips from drying out during the day, you should use lip balm with high humidity. If you want gentle style, you can select 2 in 1  pink light lipstick, medium colored lip just work. Lipstick with smell of lemon and peppermint awaken to effect the most powerful senses.

6. Clamp eyelash

It takes only 5-10 seconds as you can bend your lashes and helps eyes become large, round, stunning. Besides the usual combs lashes, you can choose to buy a clamp eyelash to long-term effectiveness (cost between 30$ and above).

7. Black mascara

After clamping eyelash, do not forget to help step mascara lashes longer and longer. Mascara following way: First, you broaching the upward inner face eyelashes. Then, dressed in the direction opposite from the top down to the back of your eyelashes. Note the zigzag pattern by hand to be cilia not greasy. Black mascara will fit almost any eye color and makeup style.


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