7 food prevent hair loss

Nutritional imbalances may lead to more hair loss. Please add the following foods are healthy for your hair and prevent hair loss.

The types of oranges, tangerines

Orange, citrus fruit is not only a delicious, nutritious but also very rich of vitamin C for healthy hair than development.


In onion of the sulfur increases hair growth and curb hair loss.

Roast beef

Although you do not like red meat, but should also add a small portion meals. These foods are useful in reducing hair loss. Vitamin A and zinc in beef helps eliminate dandruff, itchy scalp and hair less than the least loss.


Iron in soybeans has increased production of red blood cells in the human body, helps the tissues in the body cells get more oxygen, stimulating the growth of hair.


Almonds are not only reduce cholesterol levels but also a great source of protein. They are a natural form of aspirin.

Not only that almonds contain vitamin E and iron, two types of this very necessary for a healthy hair.

Eat about 15 almonds is equivalent to two aspirin to help reduce hair loss and prevent headaches.


The essential fatty acids found in fish have not only hair but also developing quickly give you a smooth skin and healthier nails. Eat fresh fish instead of frozen, canned.

Whole grains

Iron and silicon found in wheat, whole grains help the body absorb more minerals and vitamins from other foods. When the body of essential vitamins and minerals are abundant hair loss is no longer an issue for you.


  1. Hair loss is indeed taking a lot of people to hysteria. One can imagine having hairs remain on the comb, it drives the person an alarm.
    Preventing it is a much preferable solution.
    Taking in foods that are enriched with vitamins that helps the hair via:
    Vitamins A, B, D, B6, and B5.
    Avoid stress, and if possible minimize the constant hair style changes for every event you want to join in.
    Happy Halloween,
    Susan here :)


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