If you want to keep the skin soft white, sisterly certain to maintain the 7 habits below.

1. Know to afraid sun

How to improve skin?
No matter whether it’s sunny, the ultraviolet rays UVA and UVB is always ready to cause damage to the skin. Need training so hard habit to avoid sunlight direct contact with skin. Apply sunscreen is an effective measure but noted that the extra 3-4 hours to rub cream then anti sun become complete.

2. Care skin each day

Lesson whitening skin should embark early, not wait until summer and then started to keep the skin.

If keep skin before age 25, test the “traitorous signs” as deep black spots will gradually dream away. But after 25 years, the need to “borrow” the whitening products and skin care for “maintenance” they can do to have recovered, white returned.

3. Vitamin

How to improve skin health naturally?According to experts Dermatology, vitamin A, C, E can not only regulate body functions, increase resistance but also improve the skin cells, prevent pigment potential.

Eat more fruits and vegetables such as tomato types, painted tea, oranges, tangerines, cabbage, cauliflower … not only can keep the whites, but also improve health for the skin.

4. Massage – Sources of energy for skin

Microchips under the skin depth divided into two parts and agriculture. Capillaries deep effect to regulate body temperature, capillaries agricultural farm supply nutrients to the epidermis. Massage means to provide oxygen and enhance skin elasticity.

Massage correctly will have a miraculous effect, which can promote blood circulation, make excellent white roses and healthy.

5. Moisturizing skin

Floor epidermal structures closely, floor protection dreams fat level to maintain balance and cell membrane Health and tender leaf are the best natural skin. Regardless of problems with traffic on a 3-point, the skin will lose a large amount of water, result in skin dryness.

One to two times a week covering mask moisturizing whitening skin to dry skin problem and is the fastest method for skin smooth.

6. Purify Skin

Attention to wash skin will not only effect cleans the skin but also helps the nutrients to enter deep into the skin, thereby achieving better performance.

7. Happy Mood

Radiant feature skin and beautiful white spread depend on the cheerful mood. Happy mood can make the skin in the best state to absorb nutrients, increase new old fast metabolism, making breathing pores comfortable and beautiful white power free from the spread out out