7 tips makeup for pale skin


If you have pale skin, then immediately refer the makeup tips below to lifeless skin becomes more radiant and more fresh.

7 tips makeup for pale skinChoose light colored lipstick

I think many people think pale skin should choose dark lipstick lip color but actually only in accordance with suntan oil and skin. Increasingly bold lip color will highlight your pale skin more . You should only select light colored lipsticks such as pink or  ripen apricot  .

Choose cool colors for eye shadow

When you have pale skin, makeup secrets are effectively choose light colors. With eye shadow color you should choose champagne, gray, pink and brown.

Can not be ignored pink powder

Blush makeup is one of the beauty tips can not be ignored with girls have pale skin. It lets your whole face look more radiant. However, like lipstick and eye shadow you should select only light colors such as peach, pink, apricot… more and natural as possible.

Mascara dark

7 tips makeup for pale skinWith face pale, his eyes a highlight. So you choose a dark mascara, comb lashes several times to look bold. Do not choose the plum mascara, pale, blue or black.

Use liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner will create clarity and eye liner darker eyeliner pencil format. Use liquid eyeliner will help your eyes stand out more. Cat eye makeup will make pale faces became more perfect.

The colors should be avoided

With eye shadow you should limit fresh pink, light blue or brown metallic. With a blush pink color stay away from too hot or yellow color


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