7 tips to help you eat less to get slender form


Women are dieting to lose weight but the problem encountered is how to eat less food. You want to eat less but it is difficult to control the amount of food in the body. So please refer to seven tips the following.

1. Eating eggs for breakfast

7 tips to help you eat less to get slender form Eating two eggs every morning. Mix the yolks and egg whites with ¼ cup of red beans and tomato sauce, just like that but you’ve got food and consume less calories.

2. Eating vegetables before eating lunch or dinner

The amount of water in many vegetables will make you feel full when eating other foods, so you will not eat much. Eating vegetables is good food for the people want to lose weight. In addition, the vegetables take longer to chew, make your brain transmits “signal” to help you feel to have food for a long time, so will feel full and stop meals.

3. Trick visual to eating less

The use of very simple, just use smaller plates, bowls glass to high, small. You change all the smaller size of the knife, scissors. So, you not only control the amount of food but also satisfied with your eating problems, not feeling to diet, eat less. For example, if you use the large bowl to eat a rice bowl, but if you use small bowl, you can eat more than one bowl. Thus, you will limit the appetite.

4. Strict adherence menu

You often think of Saturday, Sunday will give breakfast or lunch to reduce food intake to body then lose weight so quickly. It’s not like that, you delay, skip meals and just make you hungrier when you’re hungry you’ll eat more. Thus, inadvertently you great way to replenish the body. So many girls always wondered: Why do you eat less and still gain weight or lose weight?

5. Eating soup / vegetable soup appetizer

7 tips to help you eat less to get slender form When the meal, use vegetable soup or soup appetizer before (not drinking meat soup). The cellulose in vegetables in the soup, will make your stomach feel full. Thus, you will eat less.

6. Interested in protein absorption

Eating seafood, lean beef, chicken, refused to eat too much .. rice and pasta. Rice and pasta are rich in calories, and calories burned quickly. Only protein can give you sustained energy.

7. Control drinking

To lose weight, you should control the aerated drinks, alcohol intake the body. You can drink water or soda or non-alcoholic drinks, carbonated before eating.


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