8 beauty common mistakes should be avoided


Every day make beautiful but you may encounter some error process:

Error 1: Use a conditioner for all hair

8 beauty common mistakes should be avoidedPeople often use conditioner as shampoo: Start from the top to down the hair. But near the root hair is usually the most healthy, as of late it is more likely damaged. So that does not use the waste, as heavy roots hair, but also potentially greasy – by Gina Lees, a professional hairstylist in Adolf Biecker Spa, Philadelphia.

It is best to start from the ear, cream rinse down the hair. You will be effective as that and not wash hair often.

Error 2: Apply foundation after moisturizer on face is not dry up

Moisturizing cream can cause makeup people so easily blurred moisturizer does not have time to seep into the skin. This leads to the appearance of greasy layer of oil covering the entire substrate in all day long- Laura Geller, professional makeup in New York City.

The best way to wait about 1 minute until completely absorbed moisturizer into the skin. Or if you do not have time, use a tissue to light absorb the entire face after applying moisturizer before applying foundation.

Error 3: Spray perfume after dressing

Fragrances can cause streaks of color on canvas and cloth making incense smell of perfume is not like that. Perfumes are manufactured with inherently formula applied to the skin, which is linked directly to the heat of the body – according to Terry Molnar, executive director of Sense of Smell, New York City.

So before getting dressed, or spray a pat on the skin on one or two basic pulse as the knees, wrists, throat and behind the ears. 2 And do not rub wrists together, this will disrupt the molecular structure of the fragrance.

Error 4: Pluck eyebrows too close to the mirror

When you focus on the hair too small, you will not keep the standard of the whole shape eyebrows. And of course it can result in thin and cockeyed.

Better to find a large mirror near the window. The next step is after a few steps back to examine your face, as Ramy Gafni, the owner RamySpa, New York City. Eyebrows should correspond to shape of  your face and location suitable to the size of the other lines on your face. Then you move closer to the new mirror and pluck . Be back after a few steps after pulling a few strands to check the symmetry of the eyebrow line.

Error 5: Neglect neck

8 beauty common mistakes should be avoidedWhen you care for face, do not stop at the chin. Neck skin may thin and more sensitive facial area. So it easily possible to change color, elasticity and structure, so it is easy wrinkles appear.

How to properly care: when to apply sunscreen on your face, remember to apply more to skin the neck, chest, and a vulnerable area. A cream for the neck is not necessary.

The moisturizer for day and night using the skin surface, you should use extra neck skin. But if you use products containing alpha hydroxy acids or retinols, check up a small area before applying to the whole.

Error 6: Use a moisturizing cream to reduce swelling eyes

A diet with a number of other reasons that causes water retention around the eyes. You give up the habit of using eye cream. Components in the cream hydrating effect water retention, too much moisture makes the eyes look more bloated, director of laser and cosmetic dermatology Medical Center at Mount Sinai  Medica, New York City.

Remedy: If the skin around the eye was swollen but not red, sore or itchy, then apply a cold compress or ice pack from 10 to 15 minutes. You can also use an eye gel that contains caffeine. If the skin around the eye swelling, redness, irritation or itching, go to the doctor, maybe you’re allergic.

Error 7: bath until the body and  hair excessive clean

When you rub on your body too hard, it can remove the oils and fats to protect your skin naturally.

So before the end of your assessment tools you use as a sponge … generally try to limit shower time in about 10 minutes or less and remember to use only warm water, not water hot.

Error 8: Apply the medication to the skin’s overall weakness

Your  skin have acne and then apply a layer of cream. But because he wanted to hide it completely, you re-applied on a similar amount. Most creams are acid penetration into the skin after several hours . So if you use too much it can cause redness, peeling and irritation.

Better to use in accordance with the instructions on the package and the majority will write using it 1-2 times / day.


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