8 errors when skin care

Please look carefully at his face in the mirror, the lower eyelids can be dry, the pores in the nose can be black acne and dirt have or not? In fact, this is the part you are or forgotten.

1. Mask over 3 times / week

Whether any kind of mask, but basically, each week should be used only 2 times at the most, especially the masks of remove dust in the pores. Peel face a lot with this mask will not only skin lesions but also causing epidermal layer cracks.

8 errors when skin care

2. Use cleanser on 3 times / day

Use the cleanser twice in the morning and wake up at night before bed is enough. If more than 2 times you will lose fat and water needed, the skin becomes dry and rough. Besides also need attention if the massage is too much will cause damage to the skin.

3. Using more the 6 types of skin care products per day

Cleansing creams, cleansing milk, rose water, cream makeup, moisturizing cream … just simple but has a 5 category and if more skin care products such as special anti-wrinkle cream, cream sun creams … then add on so many skin care products. Like how the skin is not true, just make sure the basic nutrients to the skin is sufficient.

4. Do not attention to small parts

Please look carefully at his face in the mirror, the lower eyelids can be dry, the pores in the nose can be black acne and dirt have or not? When skin is our hands or touch the cheeks, forehead, and little attention to maintenance parts such as eyes, nose first, so you should especially pay attention to these areas.

5. Do not use skin care cosmetics is better than

Air pollution, more UV, cold air makes the skin dry … this makes our skin to withstand the harsh environment and of course now we are using more cream to protect skin and moisturizing cream is essential.

6. Rose water after application immediately apply makeup powder

Lotion that protects skin from ultraviolet rays separated and dry, also can cause skin and foundation closely linked to each other, make your makeup more natural. If after makeup susceptible pollen drift, it may be because the amount of cream you use too much.

7. Only use sunscreen in the summer

UV rays are the biggest causes of aging causes the skin rapidly. Even the weather is not too hot, it will take away an amount of water in your skin and eventually will damage the layer of skin cells. So to have a beautiful skin, the makeup you should not step without anti-sunscreen cream

8. Use cream for skin allergies is the safest

Your skin is really sensitive? If your skin is really sensitive, or allergic reaction should use a skin care cosmetics neutral, with no obvious special effects, but it also has an “inconvenient”, it was not clean enough to wash some dirt accumulation on the skin. So choice of products and cleansing products suitable to your skin moisturized is very important.


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