8 features make beauty of black tea


Simply with black tea bags packed, you can quickly fix problems such as acne, eye with dark halo, sunburned skin … Let’s explore this interesting .

8 features make beauty of black tea

1. Deodorize smelly feet

Tannins in black tea have the ability to prevent bacterial activity, limit sweating legs, feet, help is always dry and no unpleasant odors.

Before going to bed soak your feet in black tea for 20 minutes to improve blood flow more easily. Here is how to achieve quality sleep, especially foot “spread flavouring “.

2. Swollen eye treatment, dark halo

Status swollen eyes due to late hours, lack of sleep will cause the appearance of dark halo around the eyes, causing your face becomes less bright.

To overcome this situation quickly you just use two tea bags (used) up to the two eyes. Before covering, the best tea bags should be stored in the refrigerator will cool feeling more quickly and efficiently. Apply a tea bag 10-20 minutes, then rinse the surface clean again.

3. Acne treatment

There are many ways to treat the root causes of acne, but acne treatment for black tea are considered the most effective and simple. Use a warm tea bag over the area covered with acne, noted that up directly for 5-10 minutes. Regularly perform in this way helps reduce the risk of skin inflammation, destroying acne quickly.

4. Make close the pores

Pores are exposed to annoyance of many girls in the makeup process. Want to close the pores, in addition to use rose water on the skin, you can use black tea bags to massage the skin. Research by the experts also said that when the skin by black tea or green tea, “owner” will reduce the risk of skin cancer.

5. Sunburned skin treatment

Negligence when the sun or no sense of protection when the sun will make you vulnerable to darken the skin, sunburn, skin damage.

When your skin sunburn suffered burning pain, discomfort. Want to defuse this sense, use four bags of black tea mixed with water to cool it, then use gauze absorbent tea to the skin for about 15 minutes. This can be done several times in day.If you can use black tea to bath , this helps you quickly feel comfortable.

8 features make beauty of black tea6. Soft lips

Dry lips will make woman lose charm and sexy, on the weather condition dry lips become dry chapping worse.

Want to maintain your lips are relaxed and warmed up for tea bags every 5 minutes. This will help provide moisture to the lips, overcome the situation effectively dry lips chapping.

7. Shiny black hair

A smooth hair soft, smooth, black branches are always lots of people’s dreams. Actually not too hard to turn this dream into reality.

Hair experts say using hair black tea regularly will achieve this desire.

8. Treatment insect bite

Insect bites often cause redness and itching sensation not pleasant at all.Limit the damage to the skin for insect bites, use black tea bag directly onto the skin covering this for a few minutes, burn wound insects will reduce swelling, pain.


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