8 hottest makeup colors in Autumn 2012


Autumn 2012 makeup trends are in favor of warm colors but personality, strong.

1. Scarlet lips and eyes

8 hottest makeup colors in Autumn 2012

Facial make-up matchy-matchy (lips and cheeks of the same color) will be the perfect suggestion for you this autumn. Simple, easy to implement but extremely fresh and striking is what scarlet color brings you. However, if the shy red colors stand out, you can reduce red by the way cover the powder layer overlaid on the cheek.

2. Eye with sparkling black 

8 hottest makeup colors in Autumn 2012


Eyes sparkling smoke  black would be the fastest way for you to attract all eyes. To do this mystical eyes as you just use lightly brush a shiny layer on upper eyelid and thin edges for lower . So you have completed the eyes as the most gorgeous and fashionable Fall 2012.

3. Plum red lips

8 hottest makeup colors in Autumn 2012

Red is always the color lip “tradition” of the Autumn / Winter by classic looks warm and luxury that we offer . This year, the red color had a “usurpation” spectacular on every international stage. However, the plum red is still attractive colors, the most mysterious and beautiful women on the fall.

With red lipstick, you should use only edge  lips to design, environmental avoid “dirty comb.” Then use lip brush gently paint a thinning plum red lipstick all over the lips.

4. Raspberry lip color

Raspberry lip color (including pink purple red or orange) contains satin would be a makeup trend “hot” Autumn 2012. Spread a layer of the lipstick on the lips, then make slight bit of gloss on our lips – so sexy. With this lip color, you should pay attention to care for a perfect foundation layer, and limitations polished eyes to keep from making mistakes “flashy”!

5. Black Eye

8 hottest makeup colors in Autumn 2012

Sharp cat eyes, never is a classic old-fashioned makeup trends for many years. And a makeup product preferred by experts for Fall 2012 is matte eye shadow color. However, matte eyeshadow sometimes very dirty, so you should format by a lead, then use eye shadow and highlight all the parts painted. So you’ve got a sexy eyes but still loving, the most wanted.

6. Purple gray

If you ladies favorite romantic beauty, soaring; purple gray will be the perfect choice for you in this autumn. Currently, there are a lot of makeup even used purple tone gray to create blocks for the face instead of brown. You can use purple blush gray are where canopy cheeks, marginally lower. Gray or purple lipstick to lips  and finish them with pale pink lip gloss layer.

7. Blue eyes – sparkling gold

Not as bright yellow or mint green is only suitable for white skin, blue yellow phase suit all skin tones, especially the Asian skin. To use the eye color is a beautiful way, you apply a powder of gold on the upper eyelids, then covered with a layer of dark green powder on top. With prominent eye color, you should keep the lips and cheeks natural or carmine color nude to complete the look!

8. Silver and Purple  Color Eye 

When combined together, the colors purple and silver emulsion will bring efficiency not inferior polished eye color – typical block. But tone purple and gray will bring to seem mature, deep for you.

To complete the silver violet eyes, you can polish the eye dark purple tone to vote on, and outline a silver line for the lower eyelids. Purple or you can hit up the whole the elected eye, then coated with a thin layer of silver powder


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