Olive oil is known to be good materials for making beauty extremely valuable. Are you sure you have captured the beauty of all the methods with olive oil? I would introduce 8 methods to make beauty with olive oil for your .

1. Rub face and body: Use warm water clean face, use clean cotton rub olive oil on your face. After 10-15 minutes, warm water towels clean the face and finally using dried towels clean lightly. Also, you can apply olive oil to the entire body. After bathing, Republic of oil in a glass of water and rub all over full body massage.

Use: Helps skin smoothing, firming.

2. Eliminate wrinkles: To eliminate wrinkles under the eyes can mix 2 drops of olive oil with a sufficient amount of aloe vera oil. Apply to wrinkles, not wash with clean water.

Effect: The wrinkles would not “wings” that fly from the sight.

3. Protect your hair: Mix chicken egg heart of gold  (1 egg) with a sufficient amount of olive oil. After the first wash, apply the mixture to the hair, 20-30 minutes rinse with warm water.

Use: How strong and shiny hair.

4. Costume: When disguised, Republic 1-2 drops of olive oil into the foundation layer.

Uses: The skin will be shiny.

5. Cleansing: When removing, 2 drops of essential oil absorbed onto the powder, then rub lightly over the surface.

Use Clean makeup classes faster.

6. Keep moist for lips: Before going to bed, use clean wash-cloth soaked in warm water wipe lips. Then olive oil seepage into the powder and apply on lips.

Use: Keep moist environment especially for people often rub lipstick.

7. Protect your feet: Mix the sea salt and olive oil in ratio 2:1, applied to the foot massage at the same time. Finally using towel clean.

Uses: Softens skin on the feet, especially the heel.

8. Reduced fat: Morning before eating 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Regular use will help you lose weight.