8 simple ways treatment acne bring beautiful skin for you


You have too frustrated and do not want to apply various methods of acne anymore. The following 8 strategies will magically make you must change thinking.

Mask with fruit

Many studies have shown that the fruits contain a large amount of other acid effect “kill” acne, even skin you have “hard” to the first or acne “opinionated “to more reasonable. In addition to diet more vegetables fruit, you should face covered with vegetables such as cucumbers, melons, avocado, …


8 simple ways treatment acne bring beautiful skin for you

I do not chit is indispensable spice in your home kitchen, which according to experts aesthetic I especially useful if used to treat acne. How simple, please put some pounded garlic and pressure get water and then use cotton button absorb to the skin acne.

Effective and much surprised not irritate the skin, can apply this method for all skin types.


Ice effect reducing inflammation or trace evidence swollen caused by acne. Not just stop there, stone can help shrink pores. When the wound became swollen acne you get swollen up ice pitches acne. We will immediately falling and soon “return” grace to you.


The papaya contain large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin antioxidants. Therefore, it is capable of inhibiting the process of formation of acne. You get pulp of ripen papaya, crushed, and then covered up in about 20-30 minutes each day to prevent blisters appear.

8 simple ways treatment acne bring beautiful skin for you


Orange is not only a vitamin-rich fruits, it also involved support for the immune system and prevent wound infections. Besides, the use of measures acne you should also eat a lot of commitment to work perfect.


Potato is considered one of the secrets of the most effective acne in the vegetable category. Why not try it for yourself? Simply by cutting thin slices of potato corruption, covering up and rub in about 30 minutes.


Cucumbers are cool and calm nature of thermal bar. You can “manufacture” masks from cucumber to mask or cucumber juice to drink each day brings all the great utility.

Limit sweet foods

Street is one of the “hidden culprit in” trigger acne. So if you do not want acne “visited” your limited to the minimum level of foods containing more sugar (refined sugar has been over the  cakes, candy, sweetened condensed milk with sugar …).


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