9 fast beauty tips


Makeup is essential for women but sometimes it becomes difficult for women with tight time.  Whether it’s a date with friends or attend a job interview, you should also make time for makeup work. As women, do not ever go out with the soil face – it is common advice of the expert beauty. And if you do not have much time for this, the following tips may be useful for you:

9 fast beauty tips

1. Cleanse the skin quickly

Wash your face with water or wet paper to use bleach to clean and “eat” powder when skin makeup.

2. Return vitality to the hair

Apply a little shining balm on hair before going out to help the sticky hair feeling smooth and smoother. For greasy or oily hair, you can rub a little talcum powder on the hair. Hair quickly becomes floating.

3. Moisturize in half an hour

Bath, wash one’s hair below shower made implement gently massage the scalp, body. Make every day for your skin firm, smooth. A pair of work, you do not have to spend hours in the salon.

4. Always carry cream cover defect 

To hide dark spots, redness on the skin, the quickest way is to use cream cover defect. You can use the palm or fingers to apply creams.

5. Clean the nails

Rub a lemon peel on nails or massage cream, the epidermis is restored quickly, return looks rosy for the fingers.

6. Take advantage of pink

Although there is not enough time to fully implement the steps but do not forget makeup lipstick lips bright red. Color reduces the attention of the opposite to the defects on your face.

7. Keep hair bobbing waves

Waking up in the morning and you realize that without the sticky curly hair as desired. Keep all hair twisted back, lower back nape bun. After about 10 minutes then take it off. Hair waves will be significantly improved.

9 fast beauty tips

8. Eye makeup for dinner

Liner eyelids and elaborate mascara that two-step eye makeup quickly, giving the best performance.

9. Forced ponytail

The sophisticated style often takes time for the stage. So experts recommend that you use the ponytail, suitable for many situations.


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